Delivery and Store Pickup

Delivery and Store Pickup


Delivery is made on the date requested by the customer, a minimum of 24-48 hours after payment is approved.

Standard Delivery Fee: There is a flat delivery rate of Bds$60.

Same Day Delivery (NEW!): For a flat delivery fee of Bds$20, all items under 70lbs (excluding TVs) are eligible for delivery within 24 hours after payment is approved.


Small appliances, electronics, and occasional items can be picked up at branches during regular business hours. Items not available for pick-up at the branch requested, will have to be transferred to your branch of choice. The transfer of products between stores may incur an additional delay. The duration of this delay will be communicated to you.

There is no added cost for store pickup.


CREDIT CARD PURCHASES accepts Visa & Mastercard payments for purchases. 


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