• Easy Tips To Take Care Of Your Furniture

    Cleaning How To

    Buying furniture is no small venture. Chances are you took the time to look over your budget, your space, your preferences, and your home life before you made the decision to purchase that new living room set or dining table. And when you got it home, you felt like you wanted to throw plastic over it to keep it looking new for as long as possible. No worries. Check out some of our easy tips to take care of your furniture so it can look and feel great longer!

    - Avoid heat and light because wood contains a surprising amount of moisture that needs to be preserved in order to keep the colour and texture on point. This means positioning wooden furniture as far away direct sunlight, which can fade it. If that’s inevitable, use curtains to guard against the sun's rays.

    - Always be on the lookout for what is on your exposed wooden furniture. For example, for a wooden table, make sure to have cork or felt-bottomed coasters to avoid watermarks or rings that can appear from cold or hot drinks (like that morning cup of coffee).

    - Clean safely and dust frequently. Wood is prone to collecting dirt and grease and can slowly lose its sheen due to wear or loss of polish. It can also be easily stained. Mix a solution of oil soap and water or use a wood polish as instructed on the package and gently stroke the furniture using a moist natural sponge. Never spray wood directly, as overspray can leave a difficult-to-remove film. Follow the grain of the wood as you dust to avoid cross-grain scratches.


    - Dust and remove dirt frequently from upholstered furniture by vacuuming it weekly. Be sure to life the cushions and get into all the crevices where excess dust and crumbs tend to gather.

    - Remember to flip, swap and rearrange. Everyone’s got that special spot on the couch that’s gradually created a little sink in the cushion just for them. Flip loose cushions regularly, and rotate them if you can. This helps to distribute wear more evenly.

    - Invest in washable slipcovers, especially in the Caribbean. They help to protect the fabric from sweat and other heat related elements.


    - Leather is very sensitive to heat and light and can fall victim to sun damage very easily. If you can, position any leather pieces away from windows or heat sources.

    - If you have uncoated leather furniture, it should be dusted frequently. If you have coated leather furniture, you can dust or vacuum regularly to remove surface soil and use a cleaner. You can check with the manufacturer to see what they use in store for best results.

    - Stay away from oil, furniture polish, dusting sprays or ordinary stain removers on leather furniture because these will harm the material as these products can change the colour or appearance of the leather.

  • 4 Essentials For Hosting A Game Night

    How To

    We all love hanging out with friends, but sometimes your wallet can’t handle all the weekly dinner and bar get-togethers. Enter the game night. It's the perfect middle road for a casual, laid-back hangout with your favorite people. Plus, it’s really easy to put together and it gives you an excuse to whip out the snacks and drinks. Here are our 4 essentials for hosting an easy and fun game night at home.

    The Seating
    Before everyone arrives, make your living room, patio or wherever you want to host game night, a comfy spot. Think about what kind of vibe you’re going for and work from there. For instance, board games mean people need to be closer together so set up cushions around your coffee table for a cozier feel. If it’s charades, move your furniture into a semi circle so everyone can have a great view of the action!

    The Games
    Speaking of seating based around games, let’s get into the main attraction. What games should you play? Well, that depends on the guest list and/or what you have in your storage! Board games are always a great idea for small groups. (Although, if you’re looking to be in bed before the sun comes up, we would leave out Monopoly) For larger groups, interactive games like trivia or charades is best because you can easily create teams and let the friendly competition begin!

    The Food
    Food brings everyone together so for game night, plan for small bites that your guests can easily grab between turns. Things like chips and dip, pretzels, mini pastries or sandwiches, veggie platters, cheese boards, etc are easy to set up, don’t cost a lot and will always be a hit.

    The Drinks
    For our alcohol drinkers out there, we know the drinks get the party started. Try making a punch, which is perfect for a large group of people so they can serve themselves and you’ll avoid playing bartender all night. Don’t forget to put chasers, like juices, sodas, water, etc, out as well so your non-drinkers can easily pour themselves a glass!

  • 3 Reasons To Say Yes To Financing


    In trying economic times, it can be difficult to imagine furnishing your home or purchasing new appliances. You may even find yourself at a point where you can no longer put off the investment and you need an item now. But what do you do? That’s where financing comes in! Ready Finance is our easy, affordable and flexible solution so that you get the items you want for your home without having to compromise on your budget. Sounds convincing enough, but here are 3 more reasons to say yes to financing.

    Choose How You Want To Pay
    One of the best parts about Ready Finance are the payment options available.

    - You can choose the way you want to pay; we know that having a big chunk of cash leave your account every month can be stressful. This is why we offer small deposits or installments to help keep you afloat. In some cases, we’ll offer $0 down until a certain period so be on the lookout for those ideal moments to shop!

    - You can choose the length of time that you want to pay; payment times can range anywhere from 3 to 36 months which gives you and your budget a lot of flexibility and room to breathe.

    - You can choose where you want to pay; Ready Finance offers easy payment methods and you don’t even have to come into the store to pay! Ask about what locations are set up in your region so you can keep on top of your payments and never lose track.

    Payment Protection
    When you make your purchase with Ready Finance, you can ask about Payment Protection. Life is unpredictable so Payment Protection covers you in the event that you lose your job due to redundancy, you’re hospitalized, or you lose your item due to fire, flood, natural disaster or theft.

    Quick Approval
    In some of your branches across the Caribbean, we have started rolling out same day approval for new customers! We’re not ashamed to have an Oprah moment and say, “you get approval, you get approval!” As a new customer you have to walk with your ID, job letter, pay slip, utility bill, and the names of two references. Ask about our approval process at your nearest Courts store today to see what we offer you in your region.

    Have it your way at Courts with Ready Finance and make your house a home today!

  • Make It Special: Courts Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


    We love to LOVE at Courts and that’s why this years Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is geared towards items that are perfect for 2! Whether you’re celebrating on the day, getting a gift to share between the both of you or trying something new together, here are the items we suggest so you can make it special all year round and not just on the day. Of course, chocolates are still welcome!

    Coffee Maker
    Coffee connoisseurs will always enjoy a gift that allows them to enjoy cup after cup! Surprise them with a gift that will change their morning ritual for the better.

    Stand Mixer

    Is your Valentine a baking machine? Stand mixers are handy for all those cupcakes and breads they love to make but also whisking, blending and even juicing. Mixers pretty much do everything so it’s definitely a gift they’ll love.

    Now this gift is sure to turn up the heat. Not only is a professional grill great for barbecuing but it’s also a gift that will definitely get you and your Valentine spending more time together.


    Matching Tablets
    Get cute with tech this Valentine’s Day. Check out our tablet options and get matching ones for you and that special person.


    Smart TV
    A new Smart TV makes binge watching that show together even better! Snuggle up on the couch and we guarantee there’ll be no fighting for the remote.


    Radioshack Goodies
    Have you checked out what Radioshack has to offer the tech lover in your life? From projectors to headphones to action cameras, you can’t go wrong with a little special something from the Shack!


  • 5 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home


    Was your resolution to get fit this year but you’re not feeling the gym scene? No worries. We’ve got various pieces of exercise equipment and accessories to help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle without having to pay for that pricey gym membership. Pair these simple exercises with a revamped diet, as well as adding in other moves, to help give you a full body workout.

    The plank and side plank are a standard full body strength workout. The most common one is the forearm plank; place your forearms on the ground with elbows aligned below the shoulders, and arms parallel to your body at about shoulder-width distance. You can leave your palms flat facing or clasp your hands together. Keep your core tight while breathing normally. Hold this position for 30 seconds. You can gradually add more time the longer you workout.



    Fitness Ball – Abs
    Exercise balls are great for building balance and strength. For abs, lie on the ball with your middle back resting on top, arms straight, and palms on your upper thighs. Then, slowly curl your upper body forward, keeping your hands on your thighs and your back straight. Avoid curling your chin into your neck. Then slowly lower to the starting position. You can do this 15 times.



    The basic squat works wonders on your legs, butt and core. Start by standing as tall as you can with your feet spread slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold your arms straight out in front of your body at shoulder level, so that they’re parallel to the floor. Keep your torso as upright as you can for the entire movement, with your lower back slightly arched. Lower your body as far as you can by pushing your hips back and bending your knees. Like you’re going to sit on an imaginary bench behind you. Hold, and then push yourself back to the starting position. You can do 15 to 20 times.



    Talk about the old school workout. To do a basic burpee, begin in a standing position. Ready? Burpees generally follow 4 basic steps. 1. Sink into a low squat with both hands on the floor, placed just outside your feet. 2. Kick your feet straight back and land on your toes so that you're in a plank position. 3. Jump your feet back between your hands. Keep your abs tight and tuck your body back into your squat. 4. Now reach up and push off into a vertical jump. Make sure your burpees are fluid but controlled. Remember your breathing. You can start with 6 to 8 burpees and work their way up in both speed and number.


    Incline Push Up
    Use your couch or a bench to do these. Get into the push-up position, but place your hands placed on a raised surface like the couch, stairs, a chair, etc. Your body should form a straight line from your ankles to your head. Start your pushup and let your upper arms dip below your elbows. Hold and then push yourself back to the starting position as quickly as possible. When you become a pro at these, you can move to the floor for the maximum pushup workout. You can do these 12 to 15 times.

  • 8 Healthy Food Replacements To Try This Year

    1. Instead of Rice: Provisions or Quinoa

    Rice is a staple in most meals but white rice is a refined starch that has a high glycemic index making it a not so great food if you’re watching your weight. Consider eating provisions as a substitute or quinoa. Both are high-protein, high-fiber and if you can’t give up rice cold turkey, you can always take a smaller step to brown rice.

    1. Instead of Soda: Tea or Water

    Soft drinks are definitely an easy thing you can replace from your day-to-day life. The sugar is highly refined and basically invisibly AND the average 20oz bottle has about 16 teaspoons of the stuff! Try tea or water as a substitute. You can even try coconut water, which still has sugar but is better for your system and caloric intake.

    1. Instead of Cookies: Homemade Granola

    C is for cookie but it might not be good enough to eat a lot of them anymore. Keep the cookie jar empty for a bit and opt for granola (homemade if you can manage it). Remember, if you’re buying granola from the grocery, be sure to also check out the excess sugars from dried fruit that can sneak up on you. Check your labels guys!

    1. Instead of Mayo: Avocado or Pesto

    Some people can’t get enough mayo. It’s on sandwiches, mixed into a condiment, in salads, the list goes on and on. Although it's delicious, it’s not great for you because of the saturated fats. Try cutting it out entirely or using avocado as a spread. The similarity in texture and heightened taste might surprise you!

    1. Instead of Caramel Corn: Popcorn

    But popcorn is a snack…right? Well yes. Regular popcorn is actually a pretty great snack when you’re feeling to cheat on your diet but still have some fun. The trick is to stay away from caramel popcorn, oh the sugar, and the extra buttery kind.

    1. Instead of Candy Bars: Dark Chocolate

    Before you protest, we’re not kicking out chocolate for good! Heavens no. But we are tossing out candy bars. All the extra nougat, caramel, marshmallow, milk has got to go. Try dark chocolate bars or cacao nibs instead. They’re stuffed with the same goodness and the benefits of dark chocolate are scientifically proven!

    1. Instead of Ice Cream: Sorbet

    Ice cream is quite the sneaky unhealthy snack that is craved by the masses. If you can’t give up your sweet tooth, just replace the milky ice cream with sorbet. It’s fruity, refreshing and comes in a wide range of flavours. Your body will thank you, especially if you’re lactose intolerant.

    1. Instead of White/Wheat Bread: Many Things!

    Oh bread. We love you so but white bread, you’ve got to go! See what we did there? Bread, both white and wheat, usually have been stripped of most fiber and nutrients so you’re not eating as healthy as you think most of the time. The best thing is to cut down on bread fully but in the meantime, try substituting it here and there for things like corn tortillas, lettuce wraps, eggs, sweet potatoes or cauliflower to create healthier meals and still get your fiber intake.

  • Home Must Haves If You Have A Big Family


    Does your family remind you of the Mc Callisters in Home Alone? A big family means a lot of compromise, respect for spaces, responsibility and of course, tons of fun but how to buy for your extra large family unit? Here are our home must haves if you have a larger than life family.

    Big, mounted TV
    Big family = Big TV? We would say so. For all those special requests (who wants to watch the news, who wants to watch a movie, etc) get a TV that can handle your family’s entertainment needs. We would also suggest having it mounted. If you’ve got a lot of kids in your family, we don’t want an accident happening and ruining the fun for the household.

    Multi-functional furniture
    Multi-functional furniture is a big family’s best friend. Large sofa with detachable pieces, sofa beds/futons, coffee tables with extra storage and entertainment units are what you’re looking for. Things than can save space and offer storage are definitely worth it.

    Bunk beds
    A big family with lots of little ones means limited sleeping space. If you don’t have the rooms, make the space instead. Bunk beds are a great way to save space and money. Plus, the kids will totally enjoy fighting for who gets to sleep up top.

    A good-sized fridge
    Oh boy...if you’ve for a big family, you probably have a big grocery bill. Get a fridge that can stand up to wear and tear as well as keep up with all the meats, vegetables, snacks and more that you have to buy. Look into our stainless steel options for durability and size options.

    Dining table
    The family that eats together stays together. Luckily we have dining sets ranging from 7 pieces to 9 pieces! That should be enough seating we think but if you need more, we’ve also got stools so you can improvise extra seating on a whim.

  • 25 Great New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t Joining A Gym


    Raise your hand if you’re tired hearing the age-old resolution that people are going to join the gym? Phew, it’s not just us. As much as we are all for fitness being a staple in your life, it gets old every January 1st when the gyms are packed with people for 2 week straight. (We do have a lot of exercise equipment options if you want to work out at home and save some cash). Here’s our list of 25 resolutions you can try instead. They’re all pretty great!

    1. Cook a different recipe every month
    2. Read a book
    3. Grow a vegetable garden
    4. Save more from your pay cheque
    5. Make a good night’s rest a priority
    6. Use your phone less
    7. Listen more
    8. Get a hobby like photography
    9. Nurture your relationships
    10. Drink more water
    11. Travel more
    12. Learn a language, even at a basic level
    13. Learn a party trick
    14. Say yes or no more depending on your personality
    15. Spend more time outside
    16. Find a charity/charities to donate to
    17. Print and hang more pictures
    18. Take on a side gig for some extra cash
    19. Find a long-term goal to work towards like buying a car
    20. Start a new tradition with your friends or family
    21. Teach yourself something you never learned growing up like riding a bike
    22. Take more short videos of your life
    23. Cut out a bad habit like smoking or nail biting
    24. Try to be tidier
    25. Smile more
  • 6 Ways To Get Your Home In The Christmas Spirit

    How To Home

    Begin the Christmas cleaning
    If you live in a Caribbean household, then you know about the Christmas cleaning tradition. Start unpacking those cupboards and taking down the house in preparation for the big clean! And who can forget a fresh coat of paint?

    Hang wreaths and lights
    Dust off the decorations and start hanging them up. Nothing says Christmas quite like an overdose on glitter, décor and…lights! Don’t forget the outside of your home when you’re decorating. You can also make your own wreath if you’re feeling crafty!

    Turn up the music
    What’s Christmas without the music? No matter what tune makes you move, bring out the radio and turn up the volume. Your home will be filled with the joy of Christmas in no time.

    Light candles
    Specialty Christmas candles are going to be everywhere. Light some candles for extra special scents in your home and to also bring a softer light, which in turn makes your space feel cozier and more Christmas-like. Although, is there any better smell than when you’re cooking your favourite Christmas dish?

    Begin prepping Christmas favourites
    Speaking of food, shout out your favourite Christmas dish! Whether it’s homemade bread, sorrel, garlic pork, ham, eggnog, fruitcake, whatever…once you start prepping, baking and tasting these foods, your kitchen is officially ready for Christmas!

    Put up the tree
    Get the family together and put up the Christmas tree. That one’s a no brainer!

  • Dear Santa: Courts Christmas Gift Guide 2017


    What matters most at Christmas time? GIFTS! Sorry, we got a little excited. Of course we know Christmas isn’t about material things but if you are buying gifts for special people in your life, you can check out this Courts Christmas gift guide.

    Turn Up The Tech

    These are great gifts year round so it’s not surprise that tech is on our list. TV’s laptops, phones and audio systems are our picks for that geek in your family.

    Ho-Ho-Home Furnishings

    Thinking about giving furniture this season? No problem! It’s our specialty. Things like recliners, love seats or accent chairs make great gifts and if you want something more wow, then we’ve got sets too! If that’s too big for your budget, try home accents; throws, lamps, plants and rugs are all special gifts to give.


    There’s An Appliance For That

    Ah appliances. You really can’t go wrong. Impress mom and dad with a large appliance surprise like that fridge they’ve had their eye on. Or, give someone’s kitchen an extra boost with a small appliance. Blenders, coffee makers, nutribullets, and will blow them away!


    The Gift Of Choice

    We’d never discount the gift card. Sure, some people think it’s impersonal to give a gift card but we say it’s shopping smart. Give them exactly what they want and check out our gift cards!

     gift card

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