• Essential Things You Should Keep In Your Car


    If you’ve been driving for a couple of years, naturally your car becomes your second home. It’s seen the bad times like when you got that flat tire before your job interview and the good times like when went through the drive through and had your dinner in the car with a friend. All in all, because it’s your second home, there are some things you should always keep in your car…just in case!

    Owner’s manual
    It should be in your glove compartment at all times. It’s full of information and images that you’ll need in a car emergency.

    Jumper cables
    What’s worse than having a dead battery? A dead battery with no jumper cables! You can help yourself start your car or help someone else if their battery dies.

    You never know if you’ll have to spend a night in your car or even if you’ll have to drive a friend home after a long night. Either way, a blanket is always comfortable.

    A change of clothes
    It doesn’t have to be a full change of clothes. Maybe an extra shirt or top just in case you spill something, have to change a tire in the rain, etc.

    It’s one of those things you should have everywhere.

    First aid kit
    Again, in times of emergency, it’s best to be prepared for any and everything!

    Water is life so it’s best to keep some handy in your car.

    “Emergency money”
    We’re not talking a large amount but some loose change is good to have in your car in case you’re short, need coins, have to tip someone, the list goes on and on.

    Tire changing supplies
    Even if you don’t know how to change a tire, at least you’ll be prepared! A spare tire, tire iron, lug wrench, tire jack and some WD-40 are all you need.

    A car-adapted phone charger
    We live in the digital age so let’s not pretend like it’s not a tragedy when our phone dies. Car chargers = life savers!

    The trusty umbrella. Always overlooked but always needed!

    Paper towels
    These are one of those things that you will always use. Whether it’s cleaning a spill, wiping your windscreen, cleaning your hands, it’s always good to have a roll in the car.

  • Some Of Your Bedding Questions Answered


    When should I change my mattress?
    A good rule of thumb to how long you should keep a mattress is 7 – 10 years! That’s a long time to get accustomed to one mattress but it’s good to check when its time may be up so you can get a new one and spare yourself the back pain.

    How can I make my mattress last longer?
    Unfortunately, there’s no real way to make a mattress last longer other than regular care such as getting a good base, investing in a mattress cover/protector from the start, rotating it regularly and following any manufacturer cleaning instructions!

    Should I be sleeping on a soft or hard mattress?
    It’s not so much an argument over soft or firm but more which mattress will support the right parts of your body. Hard mattresses have been known for facilitating a neutral spine position but have also been linked to causing problems with persons who have lower back pain. Soft mattresses are said to reduce back and joint pain as they form to the shape of your body but can push the spine out of alignment and reduce the quality of sleep. So it’s best to consult your doctor about what type of mattress would be best suited for you!

    How do I choose the right size bed?
    That all depends on your space! Be sure to measure the room so you go in knowing exactly how big of a bed you can get without sacrificing crucial space. You should also consider factors like, having room for your spouse, the price and the brand before you make a solid decision. Remember, when it comes to your back, cheaper is not always better as it will never be a good investment in the long run.

    What’s the deal with thread count?
    Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of material. Essentially, this means that the higher the number the better the sheet. Usually sheets with the thread count of 250 – 300 are a safe bet because in recent years, manufacturers have been cheating the system by winding two threads together to get a higher number but not necessarily a softer sheet!

    Why are hotel beds so comfortable?
    Ever been to a hotel and wondered why the bed feels so much more heavenly than the one you have at home? Well, hotel mattresses are changed way more frequently so they will always offer better support even though they’re being used. They’re also usually in the sizes Queen or King, which are bigger than the average homeowners mattress, giving you a better and more comfortable sleep because you have more space! And to add to that, hotels also keep your bedding crisp by ironing your pillowcases, sheets and duvets!

  • 5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home With Plants

    Decorating Home

    Kitchen Window
    Make your kitchen window a sanctuary with small plants. They’ll be a great addition to the space and will benefit from all the natural light.

    Photo via brit.co


    Create A Jungle
    Create different levels with your plants to cover a space or corner of your room to create this effect of an indoor jungle. Plus, you can show off the great pots the plants are in too!

    Photo via brit.co


    Shelf It
    If you have shelving built into your walls or entertainment units with spaces to fill, put small plants there to bring an extra pop of décor!

    Photo via popsugar


    Corner Plant
    If you look around your living room, you’re guaranteed to have a space that’s dying for a corner plant! Get a nice pot with a medium to tall plant and place it next to your couch to create balance.

    Photo via Pinterest


    Hanging Plants
    You know those great hanging plants you probably have outside hanging up? Bring one inside and place it on a shelf so the leaves hang down the side creating a waterfall of greenery in your space! This one is definitely our favourite look.

    Photo via melyssagriffin

  • How To Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone

    How To Mobile/Tablets

    Focus on one subject
    Let’s reign that focus in. A busy photo isn’t always a great photo. Don’t get us wrong, the background can be exciting but many of the greatest photos have just one interesting subject as the main focus. So take some time to set up the shot that you want and play with how you want to focus on your subject, then click!

    Make sure the lens is clean
    You clean the face of your phone but when was the last time to wiped the camera lens? You’d be surprised how smudged it gets from the dirt and fingerprints collected in your pocket, your bag, etc. Always make sure you give the lens a little wipe before you snap a pic so it’s crystal clear!

    Use gridlines to balance your shot
    In photography, an image should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you have nine parts in total to achieve balance and specific points of interest to your pics; a rule of thirds. Switch on the grid function on your phone to keep your pics balanced.

    Find different perspectives
    When you see a pic in your head, try flipping the angle and see if it makes the image more intriguing! Unique and unexpected angles can add depth, height and shed new light on your subject. Plus, you’re using your smart phone so it’s lighter, smaller and easier to manipulate to get the perfect, off angle shot.

    Use natural light
    The flash on your smart phone can be quite unforgiving and harsh. Let's face it, they make people look washed out and that’s just not flattering. Take advantage of the sources of natural light you can find and play with shadows and silhouettes. If you still think your image isn’t bright enough, you can always edit that.

    Avoid zooming
    So you see something you want to photograph in the distance…naturally you’re tempted to zoom in on it. We’re here to tell you to stop. Do. Not. Zoom. When you zoom what happens is you compromise the quality and sharpness of the photo and you’ll end up with something that looks grainy, blurry and pixilated. What you want to do is get as close to your subject as possible and then crop your photo after. Cropping is actually just sampling pixel info that was actually recorded so you’ll keep the quality up and have more space to play with.

    Keep it steady
    In photography a steady hand is crucial especially when you’re taking photos in low light. What you can do is buy a mini tripod for your camera or prop it up on something to keep it sturdy whilst the camera tries to take in as much light as possible.

    Play with reflections
    Reflections make for amazing photos! Look for opportunities in puddles, larger bodies of water, mirrors, sunglasses, drinking glasses, windows, and metallic surfaces and play with abstract images.

    Edit and don’t filter too much
    So you took a great photo but want to tweak it. No worries! You can use smart phone editing tools to brighten, up your contrast, align, and basically do anything! It’s best to keep editing to the bare minimum, which means not over using all those filters they give you so that your photo stays in its most raw and beautiful state. Edit but don’t go crazy!

    Get an external lens
    If smart phone photography is something you take really seriously, then don’t be afraid to get fancy with it. There are a ton of external lenses that you can purchase and attach to your phone; from fish-eye to wide-angle lenses you’ll open up your range of perspectives 100%!

  • Different Things To Do On Valentine’s Day – Single Or Not


    Buckle up because we’re about to get a little sappy :D. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you either love it, hate it or recognize it as just another day on the calendar. Either way, you’re going to see the usual; the malls are going to be flooded with people holding ridiculously sized stuffed animals, you won’t be able to get a reservation at your favourite restaurant and there’s definitely going to be a flower overload. For those of you, single or not, who want different ideas for Valentine’s Day, check these out.

    If You’re Single

    - Treat Yourself
    Valentine’s Day when you’re single should be a day about yourself. Leave the couples to stress and instead, think about you for the day. Order your favourite food, catch up on a TV series, treat yourself to a spa day or simply take in all that extra sleep you’ve been missing. You’ll feel relaxed and recharged in no time.

    - Hang Out With Friends
    If your friends are single too then make a plan to hang out on Valentine’s night. Go to your favourite bar or have people over to your home for a game night. Either way, company is always appreciated! Plus, if your crew is still single the year after, you can make it a tradition!

    - Help Someone Else
    So you’re single but your best friend isn’t and they’re scrambling for an idea for their loved one. Why not be a modern day cupid and spend the day helping them plan and execute their romantic idea? You’ll be helping a friend and spending the day in a proactive way. Plus, it’ll be a lot of extra karma points!


    If You’re A Couple

    - Couples Massage
    If you’re a couple that works tirelessly without rest most of the time then a couple’s massage is perfect. It’s a great way to spend time together, relax and keep away from the usual hustle and bustle of last minute dinner reservations.

    - Cook Off
    If you and your partner love to cook then amp it up by having a Cook Off! Take the usual idea of making dinner at home to the next level by choosing a dish you both love and trying to outdo each other. You’ll have a great time bonding and being competitive and you’ll have an amazing, double meal in the end!

    - Recreate First Date
    If you can remember the first date you went on, then why not recreate it? Ignite the past flame by returning to the spots where you had your first date. It’ll be a great reminder of your epic love story so far and you can even make it a tradition by adding little extras every year.

  • 6 Foods To Eat When You’re Feeling Stressed To The Max

    How To Food

    Stress can manifest in a variety of ways and can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. That’s why whenever we hear about ways to decrease stress levels, we’re willing to give it a try. If you’re a foodie and want a way to get that overly stressed feeling under control, then check out these 6 foods you can eat that can help!

    It’s scientifically proven people. The research around the nutrients in oily fish, such as salmon, have come back with positive reviews stating that eating them can actually reduce inflammation in your brain and reduce anxiety! Fire up the pan and have yourself a fillet!

    Those beautiful, bright berries can actually help calm you down! Blueberries to be precise, are said to contain anthocyanins which are basically antioxidants that can help produce dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical in our brain that is responsible for our emotions that evoke pleasure. Therefore, by the process of connecting the dots, blueberries equal less stress!

    There’s something about yogurt that just makes you feel good. Yogurt has been linked to healthier digestive functions and even strengthens mental health. Grab a spoon on those mornings when you’re feeling a little crazy!

    Chamomile tea
    Tea should seem like a no brainer in this case. Studies show that chamomile extract can significantly reduce feelings of anxiety and worry. It has also been linked to getting a better night’s sleep. Brew a cup today and feel the stress start to float away.

    Spinach or other greens
    Leafy greens are high in folate or vitamin B9, and are a go-to for nutritionists who are recommending foods for people who suffer from high stress levels. Make sure your Sunday lunch plate is green so that you can take on the work week with a stress free mind.

    The combo of protein, fiber and good fat
    Give your system a one-two punch by making sure it’s well balanced with protein, fiber and good fat. Yes, there is definitely good fat and bad fat. For example, avocados are considered to be good fats. So step away from the macaroni pie and make sure you’re getting in lean meats and good sources of fiber!

  • 5 Home Décor Trends for 2017

    Decorating Home

    Luckily for us in the Caribbean, we already see the most radiant greens everyday when we look outside. Shades of green, from bright to forest, are definitely making a statement in 2017. Did you know that the colour green is said to make you feel calm? Whether it’s an accent wall or green décor, it’s definitely a colour you’ll want to add to your home!

    Photo by Andrew Hildebrand


    Mixed Patterns
    2017 is the year of the mix and match! Get creative with different textures like wood and leather and different patterns, like stripes and polka dots, for a unique look in your home.

    elledecorPhoto by elledecor


    Cork is here and it’s looking fancier than ever! It’s a great material and is visually appealing when used around the home in unique ways. Check out DIY videos on cork coffee tables, coasters, counter tops and more for inspiration on this one. It’s quite different but the result is worth it! Did you know that if you have a wall with cork on it, it can actually absorb noise and make the room quieter?

    Home StoryPhoto by Home Story


    Faux Finishes
    We’re not just talking about fur. This trend saves you money and revamps your home in no time! Faux finishes like wood, marble or copper are great investments and can spruce up your living room or kitchen instantly. This is definitely one to try!


    Jewel Tones
    Want your home to feel royal? Say goodbye to those pastel colours of 2016 and embrace the rich! Jewel tones inspired by metals and space like deep purples, blues and greens are coming in hot and making homes look vibrant and distinct!

    Photo by splendidhabitat


  • Easy Things To Give Up in 2017

    How To Personal Care

    Happy New Year, Courts shoppers! A new year generally means a new start and of course, resolutions. However, sometimes (and be honest) our resolutions don’t even make it to February. It’s possible that we set the bar too high or we don’t know where to begin. This year, we’re going to try to make resolutions that are easy to accomplish and will better our life in the long run. With that in mind, here are some easy things to give up in 2017!

    Processed Foods
    Never take being healthy for granted. A lot of the time, we’re so busy rushing around from our job, to taking care of the kids, to paying bills, that we forget to eat properly and we grab the fastest, cheapest thing we can find to fill the void. Give up not paying attention to proper nutrition this year and say no to processed food! It won’t just be for losing weight but for promoting your overall health. Look for natural foods instead like lean meats, fruits, veggies, etc. If it comes from the ground, it’s better to eat than that greasy burger!

    It’s time to give up the excuses. Hard work starts when you decide to put yourself first. You can’t procrastinate in the hopes that a problem will fix it self or that a solution will present itself. Take charge and say no to saying no!

    Being TOO Busy
    Being busy, busy, busy is something that we create for ourselves. Putting unnecessary things into your daily schedule, over working, and procrastinating make you feel like you’re always going. This year, try to simplify how you work and make yourself the priority. Get the phrase, “I’m too busy” out of your vocabulary and make the time to spend on bettering yourself, enjoying your family and making memories with friends.

    Saying You Can’t
    Something about growing up brings on a sense of fear that we never had as a child. This year, try to overcome the fears that hold you back and keep you from pursuing new things and growing. Take a page from your childhood and live fearlessly!

    Find the comfort of having less in 2017. Simplify your home by de-cluttering your space and living with your needs. It’ll give you a new outlook on life and what is truly important day to day.

    In the age of social media, we are constantly forced to compare ourselves to one another and as a result, we generate subconscious jealousy…all the time. Sigh. Constantly comparing your life to others on social media can hinder your personal growth so we say give it up in 2017! Nobody’s life is perfect and we’re not saying you have to give up your vices but don’t let it affect your life negatively!

  • 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

    How To

    ‘Tis the season for…last minute shopping! Yes, for all of you who are guilty of this, this blog is for you. Not only are these some great ideas for gifts but they can all be found in one place…Courts of course! Check out some of our last minute gift ideas and don’t be caught empty handed this Christmas or any special day of the year.

    Small appliances
    The beauty about small appliances is that they’re always needed! Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s into baking and a KitchenAid mixer would make his or her day or maybe you have to get a gift for someone who’s on a health kick, then a nice blender or NutriBullet would be perfect. Whatever the appliance, we’ve got you covered!

    Personal care
    From hair trimmers to blow dryers to foot massagers, our personal care section on shopcourts.com is perfect to find a last minute gift! Getting a gift that relaxes and makes you feel beautiful? Yes please!

    Tech accessories
    For the tech lover in your life, we’ve got accessories to fill their needs and wants! A nice pair of headphones, laptop cooling fans, flash drives, cameras, wall mounts for TVs, tablets and even notebook cases, we’ve got last minute gifts for the digital genius in your life!

    Fitness gear
    Got a fitness nut you need to get a gift for? Then look no further! If you don’t want to get the expensive gift of an actual piece of exercise equipment, why not just get them accessories? We’ve got gloves, yoga mats, and medicine balls for the person who hits the gym on the regular!

    Gift cards
    A gift card is the ultimate last minute gift! Chances are, you’re shopping last minute because you’re unsure of what to get. Say goodbye to worrying with a handy gift card! We’ve got cards with different denominations and they’re valid for 12 months!

  • Things You’re Allowed To Say No To

    How To

    Being nice or having the constant need to please others is exactly why a lot of us are overcommitted and frankly, need a little break from people. Rather than going by the motto of, “It’s nice to be nice”, give yourself a break and put your needs first. Most times, some of the things listed below we don’t want to engage in anyway and it’s quite fine to decline! Here a few things you’re allowed to say no to.

    Fancy dinners
    So your friend is feeling fancy and wants a night out on the town, inclusive of a pricey dinner at a well-known restaurant. The problem is, you’re trying to save your money! It’s okay to say no to this but you have to be sincere and honest. Try saying, “It’s not the best week for me” or simply suggest somewhere else that won’t stress your bank account!

    Second dates
    So you had a terrible first date but for some reason, the person wants to relive the moment again with a second date! Oh no. It’s definitely okay to say no to this and embrace the awkward pauses that come with not really knowing someone. Tell them, “Thank you for the invite but I’m going to have to pass.” It’s honest and respectful so that the person’s feelings aren’t hurt.

    Working late
    You’ve put in a full day of work and 15 minutes before you’re about to leave, someone in the office asks if you can stay back when you’ve already got plans. If it’s not urgent or if you’re finding that it’s becoming a pattern, it’s okay to say no. The best thing is to explain the situation sincerely. It’s fine to say, “I have a personal commitment tonight I can't miss” and then give an alternative of when you can help. Trust us, it’s good to set boundaries in the workplace!

    Untimely job offers
    You went to the interview and you got a call saying you got the job! The problem is…they want you to start right away but you’re only available until the week after. It’s fine to say no and ask your employer if it’s okay to start when you’re ready to give the job your full time and attention. They’ll appreciate the honesty and you can mentally prepare for your new job!

    Free work
    If you’re in a creative career like digital work, artistry, photography, crafts, etc it’s possible that you’ll encounter persons asking for favours…all the time. The problem is, creative work is hardly seen as “work” and often times people will ask, “Can you come take our family portrait?” not realizing that it’s a service you’re providing. Say no to free work in a respectful manner by stating, “I’d love to! Would you like to see my portfolio and choose which package you’d like to have done?” People won’t be as offended as you think!

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