ENTRY DETAILS: This competition is open to persons 18 years and older.

Customers who purchase any Whirlpool products, excluding Whirlpool microwaves,
between July 19, 2015 – August 31, 2015 will be eligible to enter for a chance to win.

One entry coupon will be awarded per customer per purchase of Whirlpool products.


  • ​Two (2) winners will be drawn manually from entry coupons ​received from all 29 Courts stores island wide. All entries will ​be pooled in one.
  • ​Ten (10) back–up entries will be drawn in total for the 2 ​prizes – in the event that the entries selected do not meet all ​the requirements.
  • ​All entries will be collected from each of the twenty-nine ​Courts Stores islandwide no later than September 11, 2015 ​for the selection of the Winners.
  • Two winners will be drawn on September 18, 2015 from all ​the entries received from the 29 Courts Stores.
  • The first Two (2) entries drawn that meet all requirements ​would be the winning entries. The back-up entries will be ​drawn – in the event that the entries selected do not meet ​all the requirements.
  • ​Draws will be conducted at 11:00AM at 79 - 81A Slipe Road, ​Kingston 10 on the date specified for the draw.


  • ​Prizes are not transferable.
  • Cheques with the prize amount will be issued in the names ​of each winner.
  • ​Employees of Unicomer Jamaica Ltd. and their immediate ​family members (i.e. parents, grandparents, children, ​brothers, sisters, and non-estranged spouse) are not eligible ​to enter.
  • ​Each entry coupon must be correctly completed in its ​entirety. The customer is responsible for completing all fields ​on the coupon. Failure of the customer to complete the coupon ​in its entirety will lead to its disqualification.
  • All entry coupons sent by the branches will be logged before they are dispatched and the branches when they are received. ​This will be done to ensure accountability.
  • ​The accounts of customers selected will be checked ​immediately after the draw to ensure that they are in good ​financial standing. In the event that they have been ​cancelled, refunded, or fall in arrears the customer will be ​disqualified.
  • ​The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission reserves the ​right to be present at all promotional draws.
  • ​Any changes to the rules of the promotion will be made with ​prior approval from the Betting Gaming & Lotteries ​Commission.
  • ​By entering the competition and claiming the prize, the ​winner agrees that Unicomer Ja. Ltd. has the right to use his ​or her name and photograph for advertising and ​promotional purposes. If the winners refuse, then they have ​automatically forfeited their prize.
  • ​Winners must show proof of identification using any ​national ID eg. Passport, drivers’ license, voter ID, before ​prize is issued.
  • ​Every effort will be made to disburse all prizes within thirty ​(30) calendar days of the actual notification. However, in the ​unusual event that a customer fails to collect his/her prize ​from the branch at which they made purchase and given the ​time sensitive nature of the prize, it will be rendered null ​and void and retained by Unicomer (Jamaica) Limited.
  • ​Winners are responsible for having a valid bank account ​with a local (Jamaican) financial institution to facilitate the ​cheque lodgment.
  • ​A word puzzle to be included on the entry coupon - with ​some letters missing to form the Courts Tag Line: “Bringing ​Value Home”.

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