Courts continues to improve its Ready Finance product. Now your Ready Finance credit gives you up to $330,000. ‘Ready Cash’ is a consumer loan to meet any need you may have, ranging from school expenses to repairs and home improvement. It offers you the opportunity and freedom to use Ready Cash how you choose. So Easy…

All you need is:

  • A valid I.D. (Passport, Driver’s Licence or Voters I.D.)
  • Proof of Income – recent payslip and job letter.
  • Proof of Address – recent utility bill (Electricity, Water, Telephone or FLOW cable bill)
  • TRN (Tax Registration Number)
  • Salary Deduction Arrangement (for New Customer accessing $180,000 only)
  • Minimum 2 years in Current Employ


Flexible payment plan that allows you to choose your terms

  • New customers - up to 12 months
  • Existing customers - up to 36 months
  • Up to $180,000 for new customers


Ready Cash is flexible with maximum loan amount being

  • Up to $110,000 for new customers
  • Up to $330,000 for existing customers.



Q. What is Courts ‘Ready Cash’?
A. Courts ‘Ready Cash’ is an extension of Ready Finance. It is a part of your Ready Finance limit that may be used however you decide. Up to $330,000 can be used to purchase furniture, appliances, electronics and any other personal use such as educational purposes, business and home improvement.

Q. Will there be stores to facilitate Consumers Island wide?
A. All new customers can apply to any of the twelve (12) easily accessible Ready Cash branches island-wide. Existing customers can continue to access loans at our 28 Courts branches.

Q. What are the opening hours?
A. All the Ready Cash locations will operate from Monday to Saturday.

Q. How long will it take for your loan to be approved?
A. Once all the documents are in place the loan will be approved and disbursed within forty-eight (48) hours for new customers and twenty-four (24) hours for existing customers.

Q. How will consumers know how much they will be able to borrow?
A. A loan agent will do a thorough interview with them and let them know the exact amount they are able to receive. The payment terms will be carefully outlined and any questions addressed.

Q. Where can consumers make their monthly payments?
A. Courts Ready Cash Loans can be paid at any Courts location as well as Jamaica National Money Shop locations.

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