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Courts offers a selection of the best home theatre systems available to create an awesome entertainment experience, without stepping out the door. As one of the top retailers in the Caribbean, Courts offers products at prices that are hard to match. Customers looking for an easy solution to an instant home theater system should look no further.

Buy a home theatre bundle for thrilling sound that will keep you on the edge of your seat while watching new movies and old favorites. Visitors will surely be impressed with your state-of-the-art entertainment setup. Courts sells brands such as LG and Sony – leaders in the technology industry.

Home theatre systems typically include a combination Blu-ray Disc player and multi-channel amplifier, as well as speaker wires, connection cables, and a set of five surround sound speakers.

Some of the best home theatre systems sold by Courts include the following bundles:

LG model BH6730S, which comes with 5 speakers, a Blu-ray player, and allows LG app downloads to ensure a customized TV experience.

Sony’s 5-speaker, Blu-ray bundle, with 5.1 channel surround sound and instant wireless connection to music on a user’s smartphone or tablet. It is one of the best home theatre systems currently on the market.

Create the ultimate cinema environment at home without spending a fortune by purchasing a no-fuss home theatre system from Courts.

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