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July 2018




Unicomer Antigua Limited, trading as Courts Furnishing has throughout the years brought to you many exciting promotions and out of the box deals and offers.

For the past months, we have had promotions in which a customer has won her cash loan back in cash, customers have won their purchases free and even an all-inclusive weekend trips for two to another island. There have also been a number of interactive trivia via our Courts Antigua’s Facebook page.   What we are about to make mention off are nothing short of the many great promotions we have offered and much more we have in store for you.



In May, a two weeks and a half promotion secondary was introduced, it was dubbed Furniture Frenzy. Customers got a chance to win their living room set or Dining set purchase free. Miss Johanna Adams was our lucky winner; she won her entire purchase free. We congratulate Miss Adams on her winnings.  


Still in May we launched our MABE Supplier funded Mother Day promotion, which ran until June 30. The promotion “Win an all-inclusive Spa weekend for Mom and her 3 friends. Oh, yes! You read right. Mom and her three friends will enjoy an all-inclusive weekend spa at the Pineapple Beach Club. The draw was held and our winner for this promotion is none other than Ms Hewattie Nurdeen from Sutherlands.  Kudos to you Ms. Nurdeen, do have a blast.



‘Score Big’ this was a six weeks primary promotion which commenced on May 14th and ended on July 7th. The main category featured was our digital products available for sale. With this promotion, held exciting offers, wow deals, freebies, and more. Customers got a chance to win an Ultimate Home Entertainment Package inclusive of a TV unit, a 43” TV, a home theatre system and a laptop.   We are elated to have pulled out the name of our grand winner Mr. Dwayne Harrigan from St. John’s Street.   We are extremely happy for you Mr. Harrigan , You have scored big with Courts.  


The ‘Score Big’, did not just end there! We had to keep the momentum. Yet another offer was launched, “With the purchase of ANY television until July 7th customers got a chance to win their television purchase free”. Oh, the joy of pulling out the winning names, it feels like Christmas in July. Mr Leslie King won his television purchase free. Hurray! Moreover, Congrats to you Mr. Leslie.


To All our winners we say thank you for shopping with Courts and once again Congratulations!

We also encourage you all our loyal customers to continue to shop and participate in our promotions, in stores and via Facebook.  As the saying goes you to can be the next Courts winner.

Check our website to view our new “We’ve Got It All” e-brochure deals and savings.

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June 2017

Courts has embarked on a new and exciting initiative which will afford persons the opportunity to access a collection of recipes through the Courts Cook App! We are delighted to have invited local cooks/chefs and bloggers to partner with us and establish a longstanding relationship between the two brands.

As a contributor to the Courts Cook App the contributors have the freedom to highlight their content making it accessible to the hundreds of persons who already utilize the ap. Recipes may be tagged, shared and reviewed allowing persons the opportunity to provide real time feedback. This tool will afford our valued contributor the opportunity to further showcase the content from their social media pages thus increasing their visibility as one of the inaugural ambassadors of the Courts Cook App in the OECS.

One of our contributors Ms. Tonya Jackson is an Antiguan blogger with a passion for creating plant-based recipes and is an advocate for healthy living and natural skincare. In 2015 she adopted a vegan lifestyle, and created to showcase the creative recipes she developed. Tonya was motivated to transition to a vegan/plant-based way of living for health reasons, which has resulted in numerous benefits to date. Over time her motivations for maintaining this diet and lifestyle expanded to ethical and environmental reasons, where both factors are impacted by traditional eating practices. was developed to express Tonya’s love of cooking, and to demonstrate that plant-based eating habits can be both enjoyable and manageable. Her goal is to demonstrate how simple and inexpensive a plant-based diet can be, and to motivate individuals to consume less animal products.

In addition to creating vegan recipes, Tonya has a special interest in natural skincare, and regularly posts her skincare regimens and tips via social media.

Tonya attained a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies and eCornell in January 2017. With this knowledge she expects to develop more plant-based recipes, and spread awareness on this very beneficial diet. 



May 2017

The Unicomer Group

”The Engine Room”

Outstanding Employee Profile Questionnaire


Employee Name: Gabrielle Martin Potter                            

Employee Market Location (Country/Branch): Friars Hill Antigua Branch

Department: Operations/Sales

Please complete the questionnaire below. Select any question and complete a video testimonial response

 Staff Questioner

1.How can you describe your experiences thus far with the company?

I would say that I have had quite a dynamic experience with the company thus far. I started my journey with the company not even knowing how far I would end up one day. It has been a process of continuous learning, growth and service. After coming across this quote about five years ago, I have held as my motto Helen Keller’s quote, “To whom much is given much is expected.” Over the past ten years Courts and now Unicomer has invested a tremendous amount in my growth and development as an individual and an employee. Unicomer has provided me with countless opportunities through its training and development programs. As a result I have spent my time investing in myself, our customers, my peers and our company in turn to the best of my ability. To leave with you a word of advice, embrace your journey with a spirit of gratefulness and contentment and you will see how amazing your experiences become.   I am looking forward to my continued journey contributing to the growth of our business.

2.How long have you provided dedicated service to the company and what do you think has been your greatest contribution thus far?

 I have provided dedicated service to the company for just about 11 years. I embarked upon my journey in 2006 just after leaving secondary school.  I would say my greatest contribution to the company is my ability to be a key team player. I provide support, knowledge and exceptional customer service while assisting our company to strategically achieve key targets and goals.

3. Give a brief summary of a day in your role.

 A day in my role involves providing support to my supervisor, team members, and our customers. It is fast paced and constant. It starts in the morning with our much needed jump start to set the pace for the rest of the day.  It involves assisting our customers and my team members. My role gives me responsibility for my fellow sales team, inventory, cashiers and store opening and closing activities. At times it involves critical thinking and problem solving skills to keep the day going smoothly ensuring our customers (both internal and external) are kept satisfied while achieving our business goals.

4. What departments have you worked with before assuming your current role?

 I have always worked in the operations department more specifically Sales. I entered the business as a sales representative. Over the years I’ve had several other functions joined to my main role. First a cashier function was added where I was a Sales Representative/cashier, then I became a Sales representative/warranty coordinator and now those functions have paved the way for me now becoming a Customer Service Representative Administrator. I have embraced each new post as they came as they have provided me with an all-encompassing knowledge of the role in which I execute now.

5. What are your future life and career goals?

My future life and career goals include finding the optimum balance between my personal, academic and professional careers. I plan to maintain a steady growth in each by maximizing on every learning opportunity I can and imparting my knowledge in turn where necessary.  One of my personal goals is to provide my family with the Best opportunities I can. It is my belief that academic and professional goals complement each other. They involve ceasing every training and development opportunity. Spiritual Intelligence is my foundation and I live with a spirit of contentment but still a hunger for growth. What this does is that it keeps us from becoming stagnant in life. Knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is the power we need to achieve our goals. As a result, we must stay true to our value systems and gage our growth. Set benchmarks for ourselves and measure our goal completion as this will give us direction to keep pressing forward.


The Unicomer Group

”The Engine Room”

Outstanding Employee Profile Questionnaire


Employee Name: Dorilyn Pigott                

Employee Market Location (Country/Branch): St. John’s Branch

Department: Admin/Sales

Please complete the questionnaire below. Select any question and complete a video testimonial response.

 Staff Questioner

1.How can you describe your experiences thus far with the company?

My experience working with Unicomer so far has been a phenomenal one! 
As with any other workplace there are challenges along the way – all of which work together to make one develop and have a better understanding as to how to overcome similar challenges, both in the professional and personal aspects of life.  Unicomer has indeed given me the opportunity to sharpen my skills and to demonstrate them without boundaries, thus enabling me to maximize my full potential.

2.How long have you provided dedicated service to the company and what do you think has been your greatest contribution thus far?

 October 2016 marked my 10th year of dedicated service to the company and I am especially happy to say that I am looking forward to another 50 years!  I would say that operating in my current role has been my greatest contribution thus far because it has afforded me the empowerment to make critical decisions and execute them in a way which benefits every member of the team.  I love the feeling – that feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment when you can see how your idea or suggestion has positively impacted your colleagues.  Also, during my tenure here, I have found ways to improve day to day processes by making them easier or less tedious – in other words finding ways to work SMARTER instead of HARDER.

 3.Give a brief summary of a day in your role.

My day to day role involves mostly Administrative duties, so I have to sit around the computer for most of the time.  However, I still find time to browse the sales floor to scope out any possible infractions which go contrary to store standards.  To summarize, I am here as a direct support to my Supervisor and Branch Manager and the entire Branch on a whole.

4.What departments have you worked with before assuming your current role?

Prior to working in this role, I entered the business as a receptionist and also had the privilege of working in the Technical Service department.

5.What are your future life and career goals?

Currently, I am working on achieving my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management because I plan to move up in the business to a position where I can contribute even more than I have, and help to drive Unicomer to the highest place of business efficacy in the OECS and globally.


March 2017


Unicomer Group knows that working for a better world is the responsibility of all those who make up society; in this sense the group promotes the active participation of its employees in the development of their communities. On this occasion they carried out the second Volunteer Week which seeks to improve the lives of thousands of people through different activities that will be taken on by volunteers.

This year, employee volunteers from Unicomer Antigua, trading as Courts Ltd took on maintenance and refurbishment work at The St. John’s Hospice.  The volunteers completed refurbishments like painting the internal and external walls of the facilities, re-tiling two bathrooms, as well as fix a leaky area of the roof and surrounding drainage pipe.  Courts also donated a 30’ gas stove, a toaster oven and a blender to the kitchen at the not for profit facility.

Staff and volunteers at the not for profit, charitable facility devoted to providing care and respite to terminally ill and palliative care to others could not contain their excitement at the work that was carried out.  “We are really excited that you selected us for your volunteer week activities, and it was just in time as we really needed the help” were the gracious words offered by Cathlyn Gilkes, administrator at the facility.

After work started and the company learnt of another challenge the that the facility was having, Courts stepped up and offered to and completed the paving of an area where the beds of patients could be wheels outside where patients can experience a change of scenery and enjoy nature.  According to Thalia Thomas, Human Resource Officer for Unicomer Antigua “we were only too happy to contribute to this most noble organization”.

Volunteer Week is executed in the 24 countries where the Group operates, involving more than 1,500 volunteers, who work in the construction of houses, revitalization of schools and public spaces, improving the lives of thousands of people and creating social value for the communities. 

Unicomer Group is concerned for the development of the communities and their employees, and with these volunteer projects it manages to impact the lives of its public in a positive way.


Unicomer Group was founded in 2000, when it acquired the retail operations in Central America of the Dutch multinational CETECO and is formed by several chain stores including Courts, which offer the consumer a wide selection of electronic products, appliances and furniture. After 17 years, Unicomer Group is consolidated as one of the most important Salvadoran corporations, with a presence in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and the United States.

Unicomer Group is a company that operates 24 countries from El Salvador, where the Salvadoran vision is present through its headquarters, with more than 15 thousand direct employees and offering its customers the most extensive and modern product line of the Home to credit. With the mind focused on its customers, Unicomer Group seeks to offer a range of added values to help you obtain credit for those looking to start a business. Therefore, it gives the opportunity to micro and small entrepreneurs offering them attractive financing plans that they could not obtain in traditional ways.

Social Responsibility is one of the priorities for Unicomer Group, developing programs and initiatives that contribute to improve the quality of life of its collaborators and communities, working opportunities that generate social, economic and environmental value. Social value is generated with programs that support education, such as infrastructure improvements, academic reinforcement programs, donation of desks, eye glasses, among others. In addition, they support the development of vulnerable populations with programs that contribute to ensuring a good quality of life. In economic value, they support the growth of Small and Medium sized businesses with programs that provide management tools to grow their business. In environmental value, it seeks to reduce the environmental footprint with programs of correct recycling of electrical and electronic waste.





September 2016

KB2 Wins Third Annual Courts Fashionista Competition!!

Local furniture and electrical superstore Courts, hosted its third annual Fashionista competition on Friday September 2nd 2016.

The competition which incorporates the wide range of fashionable furniture products available for sale at the superstore, gives young, aspiring the opportunity to showcase their talent and design abilities. The show was launched with the primary purpose of giving designers the much needed avenue to display their designs as the Courts Fashionista competition is a competition that the company has launched throughout the OECS.

Kareem Blucher and Krystal Benjamin (collectively known as KB2) wowed judges and spectators alike when they displayed their design which was inspired by the Camelia Dining Set winning them the Grand Prize of $2,500…

Congratulations Kareem and Krystal!!!!!

Kevon Moitt, placed 2nd with his design also inspired by the Camelia Dining Set and won $1000 in Cash. Valencia Manning placed 3rd with her design inspired by the Portsmouth King Bedframe and walked away with $500 in cash. All participants received tokens of appreciation from Courts….







Courts Antigua would like to sincerely thank all the participants of the third annual Fashionista Competition. We would like to once again congratulate our winners and commend the four finalists on doing an amazing job! The company would like to encourage young aspiring designers to continue pursuing their dreams as they may be the next “Courts Fashionista Champion”...


May 2016


Are you in need of a top of the line Appliance to compliment your kitchen????? At Courts, we have the world’s best brands for you to choose from….

From now until the 31st of May, any customer who makes a purchase of a Mabe Appliance will get a chance to win a “Phabulous Phablet”. The Mabe brand has been an essential component of the wide range of Appliances available for purchase at Courts. Known and appreciated for offering quality gas cookers, refrigerators and microwaves, The Mabe brand is a popular choice for valued Courts customers.

Shop today and with the purchase of any Mabe appliance, you can win an Alcatel PIXI 4 Phablet; 20 Courts customers will win! Plus, customers who purchase and qualify for Courts Ready Finance pay absolutely “Nothing for 60 Days”. Shop online at or like us on Facebook at

At Courts, Everyone is a winner!

Courts Bringing Value Home


April 2016

Unicomer (Antigua & Barbuda) Limited, Trading as Courts, Celebrates Volunteer Week 2016

Employees of Antigua’s leading retailer of the World’s Best Brands in Electronics and Furniture products, Courts, made time to volunteer their time and skills as part of activities surrounding the company’s “Volunteer Week 2016”.


The initiative which is was held for the first time by the super store was launched with the primary objective of mobilizing staff in every Country where they operate. Whilst the company is known and appreciated for their commitment to continue bringing value home, Courts sees this initiative as an avenue to strengthen relationships within the communities, improve employee commitment and retention as well as to reinforce the company’s corporate image.


The “Sunshine Home for Girls” was the selected charity for Court’s 2016 volunteer week project. Works included repainting both the interior and exterior of the main residence, repairing a derelict side deck and refreshing the front gardens. Key to completing this project was the volunteerism of the Courts staffs; they came out in numbers and were extremely hands on. Working hand-in-hand with the Courts employees was Orville Samuel and the Big L construction team, who took a lead on the painting and carpentry work. To execute the vision for the garden Dorian Hughes generously donated the much needed topsoil, and landscaper Montgomery Lewis brought his professional touch. The company also received some support from its corporate partners, namely Colour Express and Dumz Tree Catering.




Volunteer Week 2016, was the platform that was necessary to give employees the space for them to use their time to benefit the community. This initiative coincides with the business’s strategic commitment to workplace volunteerism and civic engagement by offering outstanding services and programs.

The management and staff of Unicomer (Antigua and Barbuda) Limited trading as Courts, would like to extend sincere gratitude to Major Allwood and the supporting staff of the “Sunshine Home for Girls”. The company would like to extend further gratitude to our employees who volunteered their time and skill in celebration of ‘Volunteer Week 2016”. Without your support, this initiative would not have been a success.


March 2016

Hrishikesh Srinivasan is the New Courts OECS Reading Champion


Ten year old, St. Kitts and Nevis student, Hrishikesh Srinivasan, has won the seventh annual Courts OECS Schools Reading Competition. The competition which was held on March 3rd 2016 in Dominica saw national champions from Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines competing for a chance at walking away with $5000 cash for themselves and $5000 cash for their school.


The National Courts OECS Reading Competition Finalists were:

Arianna Mercier - St. Lucia,

Jazz Dias – Antigua

Shekinah Campbell – St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Hrishikesh Srinivasan – St. Kitts and Nevis

Madannah Auguiste – Dominica

Eden Otway - Grenada

“This year’s competition was a very keenly contested one and it shows that our students are getting better and better every year. This is why, we as judges will have to review the reading levels when selecting the material for the competition moving forward. This shows that the Courts Schools Reading Competition is indeed assisting in the fight against illiteracy in schools.” said Angella Mariatte – Head Judge.

Each student was given the same narrative to read and a different Country news piece at the competition. It is with great pride that we at Courts commend each National finalist for such a phenomenal and high level performance at the Courts OECS Schools Reading Competition. Although all the National finalists’ read remarkably well, it was Hrishikesh Srinivasan from St. Kitts and Nevis, with his impeccable reading abilities that captured the coveted title of “Courts OECS Reading Champion 2015” and $5000 cash for himself.

Walking away with the Second Runner Up trophy and $3000 cash was St. Vincent and the Grenadine’s very own, Shekinah Campbell.



Ms Jazz Dias from Antigua and Barbuda placed third and walked away with $2000 cash. All other participants received $1000 cash as a token of appreciation for their participation.

Courts will also be presenting each participant with a laptop for their participation in the competition… 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners each received a smartphone from Digicel and other equally amazing prizes from our valued partners.

The eighth annual Courts OECS Reading Competition finals will be held in St. Kitts in October this year where our reigning champion, Hrishikesh Srinivasan hails. Eight and nine year olds from across the OECS are encouraged to participate in the preliminary rounds of the competition for a chance at being crowned the “Courts OECS Reading Champion 2016.”

The Management and Staff of Courts OECS would like to thank the Ministries of Education across the OECS, Ministry Officials, Parents, Teachers and Schools who have supported this initiative from inception. Without you, this competition would not have been successful.

To our prospective finalists – see you in St. Kitts this year!

Courts Bringing Value Home

December 2015

COURTS Reintroduces “Wish List” Campaign under the Theme “Continue the Traditions”

In a period when the economic crisis businesses face worldwide prompts a careful review of companies financial spending, The Caribbean’s leading retailer of top – brand Appliances, Electronics and Furniture products Courts; announces plans to donate close to twenty thousand dollars’ worth of products to the needy island wide...

The campaign dubbed “Courts Wish List” was officially launched in 2010 with one primary focus; modifying the lives of those persons directly affected by Hurricane Tomas in St. Lucia. More than thirty persons benefitted from this venture that year, some receiving brand news cookers, fridges and sofa’s with the majority receiving beds and mattresses. This tied in with the company’s corporate social responsibility which focuses on poverty alleviation.

The “Courts Wish List” campaign is made possible through a joint collaboration with local radio & TV stations, the public and the company. Persons are invited to call – in, send e-mails or letters requesting a donation of a household appliance, furniture or electrical item. The request however must be on behalf of someone else; someone whom you believe deserve to have their wish come true for this Christmas, by way of receiving a household item from Courts.

The campaign was officially launched on Tuesday December 1st on a popular radio station. Letters, e-mails and calls poured in, each emotionally charged as they told of stories of hardships, obstacles, trials, but above all, stories of resilience and perseverance. The narratives and phone calls captured the determination of persons who lived with daily challenges and would be heartened by the joy and surprise of receiving a “Courts Christmas wish-list” item.

The Courts team comprising the company’s employees and the media will be making the highly anticipated trip to deliver the products to recipients the week before Christmas. Persons are encouraged to submit their requests by sending an email to Courts at , via Facebook or by simply contacting Courts.

We would love to hear from you!

September 2015

COURTS donates over $50,000 worth of products to Victims of Tropical Storm Erika

Team from Dominica handing over supplies to Red Cross reps in Dominica

After taking stock of the havoc Tropical Storm Erika wreaked on the Nature isle of Dominica, the management of Courts OECS pledges support of over $50,000 in products to the victims who need them most. The recipients were identified by the Red Cross Organisation and over the next week, Courts will be working closely with the organisation, to get the items to those persons identified.

The donation will come in the form of mattresses and table-top cookers. Residents of Petite Savanne, who had to be evacuated as a result of the damage caused by the storm, will be amongst the recipients of this huge donation by Courts. The donation comes at a crucial period where sleeping comfort and food emergences are of paramount concern. Courts will be shipping mattresses from its operations in Antigua and St.Vincent via the Red Cross in these islands to get to Dominica early next week. The donation of stoves was handed over to the Red Cross in Dominica this week.

Employees of the superstore were not left without assistance as those affected were visited by Senior Management and received assistance in the form of household essentials and groceries.

Courts would like to extend condolences to the families of persons who lost loved ones as a result of the storm as it pledges this support to the people of Dominica. Together we can work to help our country return to some level of normalcy and we encourage all to join the efforts and pledge support to Dominica.

Courts Bringing Value Home!

August 2015

COURTS “Fashionista” Competition Launched! Winner Walks Away with $2500 in Cash plus Much More, Who Will It Be?

Ladies and gentlemen, the second annual Courts Fashionista is almost here and it will bigger than EVER this year!

This Competition which was launched for the first time in Saint Lucia in 2014, gives young and aspiring designers the opportunity to gain notoriety by showcasing their talent and creativity through their fashionable pieces. The Courts Fashionista Competition forms part of the company’s current promotion dubbed “New Home Furnishings from Courts”. This four week promotion brings into focus the company’s exquisite, fashionable and timeless furniture pieces whilst offering Free Gifts with furniture purchases $499 and above as well as the opportunity to pay absolutely “Nothing Down and Nothing to Pay for 90 Days.”

Winning Design from Sharleen Lagon, Courts 2014 Fashionista Champion.

Designers are invited to be a part of the amazing competition by simply collecting a registration form at the closest Courts store and returning that registration form on or before the deadline date of August 14th. All designers have to do is design a piece of clothing inspired by one of the Courts furniture pieces featured in the brochure for a chance at walking away with $2500 in Cash.

Participants will then be selected based on their design submissions and proceed to take part in the biggest Fashionista Competition to showcase their talent. All participants will be given a stipend which will go towards the purchase of necessities needed for their design.

Don’t wait to hear about it, be a part of it! The ultimate “Courts Furniture Fashionista Competition” will be held on August 28th 2015 at a Courts Store. Visit us online at or “like” us on facebook at

Courts Bringing Value Home

July 2015


Courts Antigua Reading Competition is back again for the seventh consecutive year with the company’s very popular and successful “Courts Schools Reading Competition.” The competition which was first launched in 2008 in conjunction with the Ministry of Education’s has the sole goal of eradicating illiteracy in Antigua and Barbuda.

The official launch was held during the Sunnyside Tutorial School’s assembly with reigning champion Khadijah Simon giving the opening remarks. She spoke proudly of her experiences as the winner and her joy of being the overall winner of $3,000 for herself and $2,000 for her school plus the amazing opportunity to travel to Grenada for the regional competition. She extended sincere gratitude to Courts for this initiative and thanked her teachers and parents for the support given to her throughout the competition.

Courts Commercial Officer, Ms Talitha Dunnah, in her address to the gathered, commended the school on their high standard as it relates to reading especially amongst eight and nine year olds. Ms Dunnah ended by encouraging the children to read this summer in their spare time as it opens up new possibilities for them.

Mr Howard Warner, the principal of Sunnyside took the time to further encourage the students to follow in the footsteps of Khadijah and to keep the title of “Courts Reading Competition Champions” at the school. “Nine books in eight weeks”, was the mantra resounded by both Warner and the students.

This year, the winner of the finals of the local leg of the competition will receive $2,000 for themselves plus an additional $2000 for his/her school. He/she will also get the opportunity to represent Antigua & Barbuda at the regional finals to be held in Dominica on October 15th. The management and staff of Courts would like to encourage children to read, as reading is the beginning of endless possibilities. “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”.

Courts Bringing Value Home

June 2015

Courts Donate Whirlpool Freezer to the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda

Courts Antigua and Barbuda is delighted to announce the latest donation of a Whirlpool Chest Freezer to the “Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.” This donation follows a past hand over of furniture and electronics to the Antigua and Barbuda Persons with Disabilities a few days ago. The company also repainted and refurbished the institution.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP Dane Hodge, thanked Courts immensely for this timely donation. “The deep freezer will be used for the betterment of the police force and the overall welfare of the officers.”

Courts understand the urgent need for corporate assistance on the island. We are happy to give back to the communities where we operate and confirm our continued support to the Police Force, as we rely on them for our safety.

June 2015

The “Antigua and Barbuda People with Disabilities” Receive Much Needed Assistance from Courts

Known and appreciated in Antigua and Barbuda for offering the world’s best brands at the most affordable prices, local Furniture and Electrical superstore Courts, make well on their promise to provide continued assistance to the needy in the Country. The latest of ventures comes on the heels of the company’s completion of a series of Corporate Social Responsibility projects which focused on sustainable programs that offer the beneficiaries a better quality of life. Courts Antigua and Barbuda is delighted to make the much needed to the Antigua and Barbuda Persons with Disabilities.

The donation to Antigua and Barbuda Persons with Disabilities comprised of office furniture and a brand new HP Desktop Computer from Courts. Also, in preparing the office for their grand opening scheduled for June, Courts also assisted in the refurbishment of their office through remedial works on the building. Ms Wendy Ballantine, the Vice-President of the Antigua and Barbuda Persons with Disabilities expressed sincere gratitude to Courts for the support.

“Thank you to Courts for their kind contribution towards our associations, it was very timely and deeply appreciated.” The products were presented by Ms Talitha Dunnah, the company’s Commercial Officer.

As corporate leaders, our goal is to improve the quality of life of our employees, their families and the communities where we operate, through programs and initiatives that will assist in the overall development of Antigua and Barbuda.

April 2015

Courts Customers wins US $200 in Cash in Major Appliance Campaign. Six Customers to win!

Glenn Francis and Paulette Jeffrey have been announced as the first two of six lucky customers to walk away with US $200 in Cash. This announcement was made earlier this week, by the company’s Commercial Officer – Ms Talitha Dunnah.




Antigua’s leading retailer of the world’s best brands on April 1st launched a campaign that features the company’s wide range of both small and large appliances and highlights amazing deals and offers available in store. This promotion will continue until the 9th of May 2015. The offers for this promotion include: A chance to win US $200 in cash with the purchase of any appliance valued at $999 and over and a chance to win $11,000 in prizes of your choice with the purchase of any Mabe appliance. Customers, who shop on Courts Ready Finance, more specifically accounts taken for 24 months and over, will enjoy paying nothing down and nothing further for 60 days.

You too can win big once you shop at Courts! Visit us online for more information on our many deals and promotions at or on Facebook at\Antigua, We would love to hear from you!



September 2014


July 2013

Courts Sponsor the Caribbean Premier League, CPLT20 Tournament!

Courts sponsor the Caribbean Premier League, CPLT20 tournament!

The Courts Caribbean Group has proudly announced its role as the official partner of the upcoming Caribbean Premier League T20 tournament.

The CPLT20 games will be held in six (6) host countries; Antigua, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago from July 30 and closes in Port of Spain, Trinidad on August 24, 2013. The tournament is all about merging sports and entertainment with a number of international and regional cricket stars taking part in the games.

“CPL’s partnership with Courts is a very strategic and beneficial one to both parties, and we are thrilled about the possibilities that exist for us from a marketing perspective,” said CPL CEO Damien O’Donohoe. “Combining our advertising and marketing programmes with that of Courts will heighten the awareness of CPL across the region and increase fan support, which will put people in the stands at matches and customers in the aisles of Courts.”

In the coming weeks, Courts promises customers and fans opportunities that will take them into the excitement at all matches. Commenting on the local sponsorship, Mr. Derek Luk Pat, Managing Director Courts OECS said; “Our partnership with CPLT20 will allow our customers the opportunity to be an integral part of the thrilling games and fans could look forward to exciting consumer win promotions for VIP tickets and player appearances in stores across the country.”



October 2013

Courts OECS Crowns a new Reading Champion

The fifth annual Courts OECS Reading Competition finals culminated on Thursday October 31st at Sandals Grande Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia.

The competition was received with high praise and saw in attendance specially invited guests including Governor General of St. Lucia Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, Minister of Education Human Resource Development and Labour Hon. Doctor Robert Lewis, Unicomer OECS Managing Director Mr Derek Luk Pat, directors and staff of Unicomer OECS, proud partners, ministry officials, principals, teachers and students from primary schools across OECS.

Finalist Jamika Nedd from Antigua, Shanda Francis from Dominica, Dean Bedeau from Grenada, Asharie Wrensford from St. Kitts, Petra Robinson from St. Lucia, and Krysten Barbour from St. Vincent each vied for a chance at winning the coveted title – Courts OECS Reading Champion 2013 - and $5000 in cash for themselves plus $5000 for their schools.

“This year’s competition was regarded as the most closely contested one to date, each child had a clear understanding of the judging criteria and delivered their pieces remarkably well” says chief judge – Mrs Denys Brathwaite.

In the end, Grenada’s Dean Bedeau was crowned the Courts OECS Reading Champion 2013.  2nd Runner up Asharie Wrensford from St. Kitts walked away with $3000 in cash and Dominica’s Shanda Francis walked away with $2000 as she placed 3rd.

Jamika Nedd, Petra Robinson and Krysten Barbour each received $1000 in cash for their participation. Certificates were also presented to the six finalists as a token of appreciation for their participation. Each finalist also received an engraved trophy sponsored by the Trophy Centre and a laptop from Courts. Digicel presented a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and accessories as well as a plaque to the most outstanding reader – Dean Bedeau.

Courts St. Lucia would like to thank our partners Digicel – Be Extraordinary, Karib Cable, The Trophy Centre, The Lions Club of Castries, Exel Signs, Radio St. Lucia, Radio Caribbean International, Consolidated Foods Ltd, Exel Signs, All Biz, Calabash TV, DBS TV and HTS.

The sixth annual Courts OECS Reading Competition finals will be held in Grenada next year where our reigning champion Dean Bedeau hails. Eight and nine year olds are encouraged to practise their reading for a chance to participate in this prestigious competition.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Education, the parents, teachers and principals of our six finalists for the support of this initiative from inception.  Without you, this competition would not have been successful.

To our prospective finalists – see you in Grenada next year!

Courts Bringing Value Home

(Centre) - Dean Bedeau - Left) Shanda Francis, (Right) Asharie Wrensford


Unicomer OECS Managing Director with Dean Bedeau


Courts OECS Competition Finalists