Back to School - Furniture

Tips on buying Back to School Furniture

Order now, order early! - This is the season and if you don’t get your orders in now, your furniture may not arrive before the students. Remember, yours is not the only school needing new preschool or school furniture and planning to open within just a few short weeks. Don’t wait so long your order is in the bottom of the pile.

Call us for chair & table height suggestions - One size does not fit all when it comes to school furniture. Discuss what age group the school furniture is intended for when placing the initial order to make sure you are selecting the appropriate size of furniture. There is a wide variety of products available that are designed for specific ages and activities such as computer desks and activity tables. Mistakes will be costly in time and money if the wrong size furniture is ordered.

Order age appropriate chairs and desks to insure student’s comfort - If a student is uncomfortable in their chair or desk, it will have a negative impact on their concentration and school performance. See item 7, and make sure the size of the furniture grows with the students. Feet not being able to touch the floor or knees hitting the underside of the desk make for unhappy uncomfortable students and poor attention.

Source: Back to School Furniture Buying Tips