Courts COVID-19 Update

Everyone at Courts is committed to helping the families and communities we serve throughout the Caribbean, in good times and bad.

The safety of our Associates and Customers is most important. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our stores in Trinidad and Tobago are temporarily closed since 29 March, by order of the national government. 

However, - this e-commerce web site - continues to be open, and as the government permits, we are arranging for fast delivery of orders to the curbside of our customer's homes. Deliveries are processed based on day and time of your order, and our customer contact team will work with customers to make convenient appointment times. Should conditions require Courts to suspend delivery, customers will be contacted by telephone.

All of us will continue to do all we can to help you navigate these uncertain times. Read on to learn more about our ongoing efforts.

Why are you making changes to your store hours?

Courts operates in over 10 countries in the Caribbean region, with many stores. We will adjust our store hours in each market based on recommendations of trusted health experts and government directives. We may also adjust store hours as necessary to allow even more time for teams to clean and restock store shelves, and always with a focus on offering convenience to our customers and safety to our teammembers.


Additional questions

Who is leading Court’s response to coronavirus?

An internal task force is ensuring our company’s planning, preparedness and response actions are coordinated and aligned. In addition to our contacts with governments and health ministries in each company where we serve customers, we have a variety of medical experts to provide us direct counsel and advice. This group is working swiftly and diligently to support our team and our guests.