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How to achieve a Timeless interior design

The key is to opt for a timeless look, which can remain true to your style and tastes without conforming to any particular trend of the moment. Timeless design can mean different things to different people, and often works best when it is built up slowly over time, but here are a few features that show no signs of ever falling out of fashion.

Wooden flooring - Solid wood floors have been a popular addition throughout the home for many years and can perfectly complement a wide range of styles. So even on the odd occasion that you do decide to update your décor, you can rely on your wooden flooring to fit right in.

Natural materials - A neutral palette will help you to create a timeless elegance, but if you really want to add a splash of color try to do so through relatively minor purchases such as cushions, throws and other items that can be replaced and updated more regularly.

Plain walls and ceilings - It’s always a good idea to keep your ceilings a nice clean white, but regardless of the color your settle upon for the walls they will inevitably retain their appeal for longer if you keep things plain and simple.

Mix it up - The best way to create timeless design interiors is to use a combination of items and features from different eras and styles, so that the result is hard to pin down and therefore hard to date.


How to achieve a Classic interior design

There are a lot of enduring “classic” looks that are created in country manor houses and beautiful abodes of varying structures but then not too many know how to achieve a beautiful and yet classic and classy look for their homes.

Colours - You can choose to go for the European style of Interior Design if you would like to adopt a classical look for your abode. Choose the lighter colors if you do not have a very big house or it does not get too much sunlight from outside. If you plan to use a lot of lampshades to establish a shadow effect; then, use darker colors instead. That would be a big help in establishing the cozy and comfortable look you would like to achieve.

Picking the Right Furniture - If you are living in a flat or perhaps a studio apartment where there is not so much space to fill in with furniture; then you will need to look for those furniture items that will not eat up too much of the space. If you have a big and spacious home, then there is nothing to worry about getting bulky or big furniture pieces.

Creating Balance - Balance entails having equal proportions of the colors that you will choose as well as the texture, lay-out and pattern of the designs you would like to pitch in to your home.


How to achieve a Modern interior design

The creation of the modern interior design style is credited to a group of European designers that started the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany in 1919. The Bauhaus philosophy is that form and function should be combined in all designs. The modern style is ideal for apartments and small spaces as it maximizes space and creates the impression that a room is larger than it actually is.

The main characteristics of the modern interior design style are...
• Clean lined design
• Function before form.
• Avoids excessive accessories and decorations
• Minimal use of textures
• Asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout

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