Picture Perfect - Start With The Screen

Start with the Screen

What TV should you get?

Get into the right entertainment system with the right visual medium. LDC, plasma and LED HD TVs are the most common technology on the market for now. LCDs and LED TVs are brighter, ideal for rooms with lots of natural light. Plasma screens will require a darker room. Plasmas are best for bigger rooms to allow for more acute viewing angles.

Ideally, you should position your screen seating area 1.5 times the distance of the diagonal size of the display. Anything bigger, considers looking at projector and screen.

Ultra HD TVs are going to probably be the most common TV system in the next decade, however, the price of these are pretty high. These curved TVs give an impressive experience.

The Sound System

For the most impressive sound system, look into purchasing and installing a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system. That includes 5- 7 speakers around your room plus a subwoofer.

Where possible, you should look into wire the entertainment room for sound before the drywall of your new home is put in place.

However, you can also look at wireless speaker systems. You should look to have speakers behind your TV, around the corners of the room or behind furniture. The biggest challenge homeowners face here is hiding wires, making it a good idea to wire for sound before drywall goes up if possible.


Source: smartideas.smarthomesforliving.com.au