Congratulations on your purchase of Supashield Extended Warranty! The following represents the terms and conditions governing the extended warranty on the Product purchased by you from Unicomer Dominica Limited (‘we”, “us”, “our”, “Unicomer”).  Purchase of this extended warranty extends the period of your original manufacturer’s warranty by up to three (3) years. Please refer to your purchase receipt for coverage details. The total period of coverage conferred to you, the Purchaser, is the combination of any applicable manufacturer’s warranty period and the Extended Warranty period. 

For the avoidance of doubt, any claims made regarding the Product during the original manufacturer’s warranty period shall be addressed and managed subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty and the terms and conditions stated herein shall not be applicable to any claim made during the manufacturer’s warranty period.


                                                             MAKING A CLAIM


Using your EW coverage is EASY! Here’s how:


If your product suffers damage or malfunctions, please:


  1. Before contacting us;
      1. inspect the item and note the nature of the damage and/or malfunction
      2. Review the troubleshooting guidelines/user manual where applicable and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. if the above does not rectify the problem please contact us immediately on  767- 235-7656 or visit the Shop Courts website and log your product under the Technical Service tab using Contact Us.
  3. Upon contacting us, we will;
      1. advise you to bring your product, once portable, to the nearest store location for assessment
      2. if the Product is not portable, arrange a mutually agreed appointment time for our technician to visit your home to assess the Product
      3. if the assessment results reveal a COVERED FAILURE, arrange to have the Product repaired or replaced
  4. Please note whether you bring in the Product or a technician visits your home, you must present the EW contract as well as the original proof of purchase (receipt) for the Product in order to have the inspection and/or assessment effected.




Our EW covers all Covered Failures described below and is not applicable to Exempted Failures.

COVERED FAILURES: the EW shall apply to any structural damage, electrical, mechanical   breakdowns and malfunctions caused by a defect in materials, workmanship or performance during normal use, as evidenced by:


  1. Frame failure caused by warpage and breakage
  2. Bending and breakage of metal components, hinges and casters
  3. Failure of drawer mechanisms
  4. Separation of seams
  5. Lifting or peeling of veneer on wooden furniture
  6. Lifting or peeling of hide on leather furniture
  7. Failure of mechanical and electrical components


  1. Failure of mechanical and electrical components
  2. Original supplied remote controls on a carry-in basis only


Optical Products

  1. Defective eyeglass frames such as: loose or broken hinges, end pieces, lenses, nose pads or pad arms etc.
  2. Defective eyeglass lens, such as: discoloration or peeling of coating etc.

Mobile Devices

  1. One battery replacement during the life of the service contract.
  2. One LCD screen repair or replacement during the life of the service contract.
  3. Defective hardware including camera, touch sensor, speaker and charging port.










EXEMPTED FAILURES: the EW shall not apply to ANY damage caused as a result of commercial use of the Product (unless the Product sold was specifically sold for commercial use). The EW also shall not apply to any structural damage, breakdowns and malfunctions caused by:

  1. Damage caused before or during delivery or other products sold “as-is” or any and all pre-existing conditions that occur prior to the effective date of the agreement and/or any product sold used or damaged.
  2. Failure that is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, any other insurance or guarantee.
  3. Manufacturer’s recall or unauthorized modifications or damage to the product not covered under the initial warranty.
  4. Damage caused during the repair process for failures covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  5. Damage caused by abuse, misuse or neglect.
  6. Accessories used in or with the product.
  7. Replacement of any consumable or component intended by the manufacturer to be self-replaced such as eyeglass lens solutions, electrical plugs, laptop chargers, mobile phone chargers, vacuum belts and bags, light bulbs, batteries, tapes external fuses, filters, toner, print cartridges, or software incorporated in a Product.
  8. Repair or replacements caused by a lack of routine maintenance, cleaning, lubrication and external adjustments.
  9. Damage resulting from power outage/surge, inadequate or inappropriate voltage or current, reception or transmission problems.
  10. The cost of repairing, restoring or reconfiguring computer software.
  11. Routine, periodic or preventative maintenance.
  12. Damage caused by accidental or intentional damage, abuse or misuse including but not limited to broken, shattered or splintered phone and television screens.
  13. Cosmetic damage including chipping, rusting, denting, scratching or puncturing, or damage caused by the incorrect use or application of any cleaning substance or material where the function of the product is unaffected.
  14. General wear and tear to furniture consistent with age and usage, including soiling, perspiration, hair/body oils and odors.
  15. Repairs to scars, bites or any other natural characteristic of leather furniture.
  16. Loss of resilience or shape of furniture interior fillings, fading or colour loss.
  17. Damage or loss of use caused by any external influence, but not limited to theft or irretrievable loss, vandalism, scaling, blockage, battery leakage, computer virus, acts of God, heat/ fire, corrosion/moisture, sand, animal or insect infestation.
  18. The cost of repair or replacement if you use an unauthorized repairer or if no fault is found with the Product.





Once your Product suffers damage or malfunction caused by one or more of the COVERED FAILURES identified above, we will:

  1. REPAIR the Product to normal operating condition of which repairs shall include:
      1. All repair costs inclusive of parts, labour and call out charges such as cost of any additional transport, travel and delivery (where applicable);
      2. All repair invoices settled directly by us, so there is no need for any payment to be made by you;
      3. Loan Product – In the case of major (non-portable) appliances/furniture, if your product cannot be repaired on site, a loan unit will be made available by us upon request, where one is available;
      4. Where the item is a refrigerator and the Covered Failure has led to food spoilage, the coverage also covers the cost of the food spoilt as a result of the Covered Failure. In such a case, we will verify and inspect the spoilt food and document the loss within two (2) working days. Claims hereunder shall be based on the these classification: Single door and top mount Fridges(which carry a freezer on top) to a maximum amount of EC$450 per incidence. Freezers/ Side-by-side/ French door to a maximum amount of EC$600 per incidence.


      1. Unlimited number of repairs (if necessary) during the EW coverage period.


  1. In the event that the Product cannot be repaired OR where it is not feasible to repair the Product, we will REPLACE the Product. Such replacement shall:


      1. be an identical, similar or alternative model up to a maximum value of the original purchase price (including sales tax)[1]or you
         may choose another item up to a retail value of 10% above the price of the original item. Please note that with optical Products, identical frame replacement may not be guaranteed as frames are purchased in limited quantities and styles which are seldom repeated.


      1. replace the original product and the original product shall be kept by us and immediately become our property. Please note that with optical Products, all lens replacements will be done based on the prescription and design remaining the same.


      1. represent a one-time ONLY replacement.


      1. immediately terminate the original EW contract but you will still be liable for and be required to pay any outstanding payments[2] on the purchase price of the product which may exist as at the date of termination of the EW. 


  1. If you wish to continue the EW protection for a replaced Product, you will be required to purchase a new EW contract.



  1. We may cancel this EW contract;
      1.  at any time by giving you 14 days’ notice in writing to your last known address. You will be eligible for a pro-rata refund of the fee you paid.
      2.  in the event of theft, fraud, sale or return of the Product to us. There will be no refund of any fees paid under the EW contract.
      3. if any installment payments on the Product are in default and remain unpaid for more than one month from the due date. There will be no refund of any fees paid under the EW contract
      4. if there is a material misrepresentation by you or the Product is being used for purposes other than those for which it was intended, including where the Product has been used for any non-domestic purposes.
      5. if the Product or any descriptive and/or identifying features thereon are altered or changed including but not limited to removal, defacement or alteration of serial numbers.


  1. You may cancel this EW contract;
      1.  for any reason within 15 days of the date of purchase, by giving us a notice of cancellation and bringing in this document together with the original receipt to a store, provided that no claims have been made under the contract. You will be eligible for a 100% refund of the fee you paid under the EW contract.


  1.  We reserve the right to amend, vary or modify the terms and conditions of this EW contract and shall notify you in writing of any such amendments.



  1. This EW contract is
      1. not transferable.
      2. does not constitute nor operate as insurance or a policy of insurance nor as a guarantee



a)           Cash Back

You are eligible for a rebate equivalent to 15% of the cash value of the service purchased by fulfilling the following conditions:

      1. not having used the service in the period established in this contract; and
      2.  the rebate amount must be used no later than 120 days after the expiration of this contract;
      3. the rebate amount can only be used for contracting with Unicomer for another service similar to that described in this contract.


b)           Free delivery upon purchase of the premium coverage on a covered product.

c)           Where the item is a refrigerator and the Covered Failure has led to food spoilage, the coverage also covers the cost of the food spoilt as a result of the Covered Failure. In such a case, we will verify and inspect the spoilt food and document the loss within two (2) working days. Claims hereunder shall be based on these classifications: Single door and top mount Fridges (which carry a freezer on top) to a maximum amount of EC$550 per incidence. Freezers/ Side-by-side/ French door to a maximum amount of EC$800 per incidence.

d)           “No-Fuss” Exchange – item exchange accepted within 45 days due to a change of mind. Note: product must be unused, unsoiled, and in the original packaging.




[1] If an equivalent or alternative model is not available, then we will provide you with vouchers up to the total amount of the purchase price paid for the Product for use towards the purchase of any item in our store.

[2] Subject to any existing payment schedule you have with us