Corporate Social Responsibility

September 2015

COURTS donates over $50,000 worth of products to Victims of Tropical Storm Erika

After taking stock of the havoc Tropical Storm Erika wreaked on the Nature isle of Dominica, the management of Courts OECS pledges support of over $50,000 in products to the victims who need them most. The recipients were identified by the Red Cross Organisation and over the next week, Courts will be working closely with the organisation, to get the items to those persons identified.

The donation will come in the form of mattresses and table-top cookers. Residents of Petite Savanne, who had to be evacuated as a result of the damage caused by the storm, will be amongst the recipients of this huge donation by Courts. The donation comes at a crucial period where sleeping comfort and food emergences are of paramount concern. Courts will be shipping mattresses from its operations in Antigua and St.Vincent via the Red Cross in these islands to get to Dominica early next week. The donation of stoves was handed over to the Red Cross in Dominica this week.

Employees of the superstore were not left without assistance as those affected were visited by Senior Management and received assistance in the form of household essentials and groceries.

Courts would like to extend condolences to the families of persons who lost loved ones as a result of the storm as it pledges this support to the people of Dominica. Together we can work to help our country return to some level of normalcy and we encourage all to join the efforts and pledge support to Dominica.

Courts Bringing Value Home!

The Charles Family Project

After embarking on our “Make a Wish Project” in December of 2012, this project was identified as one of the most needy cases we have ever come across.

The tragedy of losing his common law wife Romanicia Andrew in 2011, the single father of seven employed as a construction worker despite his diligent efforts was still incapable of fully providing for his family.

With one of his children, 10 year old Renald being totally incapacitated (no use of his limbs and, no speech) it is challenging for him to take up full time employment or in some cases temporary jobs that will take him out of the parish as his son requires constant supervision.

The family currently lives in an empty unpainted home (originally donated) with no electricity, pipe borne water, no proper beds and broken down steps.

The staffs of Courts Grenada embarked upon this endeavour and assisted with the refurbishment of the dwelling in an attempt to make the lives of this needy family better. The outside of the home was fully painted, the stairs and veranda completely reconstructed, we presented a specially made bed and mattress for 10 year old Renald as well as two other mattresses for his siblings. A supply of Huggies disposable diapers was donated complements Geo. F Huggins & Co. Ltd. and talks are on-going with the National Water and Sewage Authority to deliver pipe borne water to the family home.


‘Thank you very much’, ‘You doing a real good thing for us’ were some of the words of a simple man, Henry Charles, as he expressed his heartfelt gratitude for this invaluable contribution we have made towards improving his home and quality of life for him and his family. Eldest daughter, Tinika Andrew shared similar feelings as she said: ‘I really appreciate what allu doing’.

At Courts, we stand firm on our commitment to the development of our community and our promise to bring value, home!


Work in Progress

Work in Progress


Princess Alice

The above – mentioned Hospital is a subsidiary one built and commissioned on 4th March, 1950 by Princess Alice, Countess of Athlon.

Situated in the North-Eastern end of the island, the second largest medical facility on the island, serves the population of the surrounding parishes namely St. Andrew (largest parish), St. Patrick, St. John and to a lesser extent St. David.

The establishment is managed by a team of six people and served by a rotated staff of nurses and doctors. The services offered are mainly Medical, Obstetric, Accident & Emergency, Obstetric Pediatric, and Pharmaceutical.

After comprehensive consultations with the Health Services Administrator who eagerly welcomed the assistance, he identified crucial areas. It gives us a great sense of fulfilment as a team to say that we were able to deliver in every area initially recognized.

The following tasks were achieved on completion of the project:

  • Outside of the building fully painted
  • Repainting of kitchen
  • Treating of mold areas and repainting in pediatric ward
  • Rebuilding of kitchen counter and cupboards
  • Installation of two wall fans in the kitchen area
  • Two televisions to hospital wards
  • One 22 cu. Ft. refrigerator (initially one frequently malfunctioning refrigerator of the same capacity served all wards)
  • Two Desktop computers to the Administrative Dept. (previously the Accountant, Secretary and Health Services Administrator, all were using one donated laptop)
  • One microwave (for staff uses – nurses mostly)
  • Five electric kettles (one for each ward)
  • One insulated meal delivery cart (for meals to be transported to wards)
  • One mobile proofer holding cabinet (for meals to be transported to wards)

Mr. Cyrus expressed his sincerest appreciation for our contribution towards them. He made mention of them often times been forgotten when aid of that nature becomes available since they are secondary to the island’s General Hospital. Other members of staff shared similar sentiments as they themselves couldn’t cease saying ‘thank you’ for all we were doing and contributing.

Passers - by praised Courts (as they could have identified the logo on our T-shirts) for truly making a difference at the Princess Alice Hospital.