Corporate Social Responsibility

At Courts we believe in generating value for our society, and we know that each interaction carries with it the possibility of creating something great, of leaving a mark on the lives of one or more people.
As part of our Sustainability strategy, we continue to provide support to communities, under our Social Pillar, assuming our role as a change agent and thus being able to continue fulfilling this important responsibility. In addition, our social responsibility and sustainability strategy we developed activities that build social, economic, and environmental value.
We continue taking giant steps through the implementation of various Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, some of which are:

Social Value

MAY 2023


We believe that the education of all children and young people is one of the most important tools to positively impact the development of our communities. For this reason, we work hand in hand with institutions specialized in the academic development of students, and with programs that benefit the children of our clients, granting school and university scholarships and school packages.

MAY 2023


This initiative is dedicated to improving eye care and visual health in our communities by offering eye exams, frames, lenses, and other vision products to students in vulnerable situations or settings.  Brighter View is the flag ship CSR program for the Courts Optical brand.

Economic Value

MAY 2023


With our program, we provide tools and opportunities to entrepreneurs, micro and small companies, that allow them to develop business management skills, such as training on business development issues, group and individual mentoring and support in carrying out of trade fairs.

Courts has established itself as the leading Furniture and Appliance Store in Guyana; with continued support and loyalty from the citizens. For this reason, we understand the role we must play within the communities we exist and the country as a whole to ensure development, growth and continued success.

For over 20 years, Courts Guyana has established itself as one of the leaders in the provision of corporate support in many sectors, namely: Education, Sports, Health, Culture, Poverty Reduction, and Environmental Development among others.

Through its Community Care Projects (CCCP), Courts Guyana allows each of the 8 stores to nominate and donate to a cause in their community. Each store is given a quarterly budget of $75,000 and staff members frequent their relevant charities.

Not only are we avidly involved in the major sectors, we also provide support to individuals and small groups seeking assistance for positive development and endeavours.


“Education is the key to success” and here at Courts Guyana, we believe that with education everything is possible and achievable. We understand that an educated population is integral in ensuring the development and growth of any nation and, through its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and Public Relations Initiatives, we will not hesitate to support any programme providing such essential benefits.

Courts rewards and assists the Outstanding Performers and Achievers in the Caribbean Examination Council and National Grade Assessments annually. We recognize those who have exceled through hardships and setbacks.

Guyana has a reputation of producing excellent educational performances. Courts constantly seeks new avenues to ensure this continues, such as showing our support for the outstanding performers, directly targeting schools, and informing the public of our offerings through the Ministry of Education.

In 2013 we partnered with the Rotary Club of Demerara and pledged $1,000,000 and our support towards the Rehabilitation and Improvement of the Sanitation and Hygienic Facilities at the Kuru Kuru Primary School. This school is part of the Linden Area community, in which one of our branches in located.

This year we have also pledged $500,000 towards a literacy project aimed at the students of Victoria Primary School. The initiative was organized by the Roteract Club of the University of Guyana and will be supported by the neighbourhood church and residents. This, again, is in keeping with our pledge to support Education among the young people and in the community.

Education will always be a top priority in the CSR portfolio of Courts Guyana.


A healthy population lends heavily to the development of a country, and here at Courts Guyana millions of dollars are donated to support the well-being and health of citizens and subsequent customers of Courts.

We receive dozens of requests for financial aid for varied medical expenses annually. Not only do we accommodate donations in our budget, but we also encourage and promote awareness of the various health issues that plague our citizens. We have piloted and promoted these issues through Health Fairs, Staff Blood Drives and HIV Testing.

Courts Guyana has adopted the Pediatric Ward of the Georgetown Hospital (Guyana’s largest hospital) through our CCCP Projects. We have also partnered once again with the Rotary Club, and contributed $400,000 towards the Maternity Ward of the Georgetown Hospital.

Courts Guyana will continue to strive for a healthier nation; with the hope that a wealthier nation will develop through the development of this sector.


Courts Guyana has always been an avid supporter of sports in Guyana. We believe that they are especially important to the healthy development of young people and as such our support reflects the same. A major part of our Public Relations and CSR budgets concentrates on the development of certain key sports in Guyana.

Every month Courts Guyana pledges approximately $100,000 to the Guyana Boxing Board to support the monthly Fight Night events hosted by the organization. This is the main driver in the development of Amateur Boxing, which birthed many top World Champion Boxers.

Courts Guyana also contributes a healthy sum to Track and Field (Athletics) with support in some of the main Meets hosted in Guyana; namely the Guyana Police Force Annual Championship, the Boyce and Jefford Classic, and the School’s National Championships to name a few. This year Courts has already contributed in excess of $2,000,000 through these nurturing events. The Courts 10K Race is also deemed the largest and most lucrative 10K in Guyana as it attracts the best athletes of all ages.

Families are also invited and encouraged to participate in the 3K Health Walk.

Cricket is another Sport we celebrate here as this is the sport of the Caribbean. Amateur community cricket is promoted and supported by Courts Guyana. This year, Courts Regionally supported the CPL T20 Cricket Tournament which got excellent reviews and support from all Guyanese.

Lawn Tennis, Golf, Table tennis, Football, Basketball, Netball, Body Building also receive annual support from our organization.

Courts Guyana believes that through the many CSR initiatives, we are touching the lives and development of many Guyanese people while setting a corporate example of how one business can make a difference in a community. We also understand the dynamics between our support, development and an improved standard of living for the population of Guyana.

Through these avenues Courts Guyana expresses our gratitude to the Guyanese Public for 20 years of support and patronage; as we continue to BRING VALUE HOME!

For more information of Court’s, a Unicomer Group brand, social responsibility, and sustainability programs, please visit Unicomer Group’s website