JA Homecation


  • This competition is open to persons 18 years and older.
  • Customers who shop at any COURTS location and shopcourts.com between, July 13, 2020 – August 15,2020 and spend $50,000 and over before GCT (Cash or Credit) will qualify to be entered for a chance to share $2.5 million for the perfect Homecation. Each winner will win products for their home valued up to $200,000 and $50,000 in cash.
  • One (1) entry will be awarded per in-store COURTS customer that meet the purchase requirement.
  • One (1) entry will be awarded per Online COURTS customer that meet the purchase requirement.




  • A list of customers will be generated by our IT department for customers who spend $50,000 or Over before GCT (Cash or Credit) at any Courts location and shopcourts.com between July 13, 2020 – August 15, 2020.
  • Ten (10) entries will be selected electronically via the Randompicker software.
  • Twenty (20) back-up entries will be drawn-in the event that the entries selected does not meet all the requirements.
  • For the period July 13, 2020 – August 15, 2020 the first Ten (10) entries selected from all entries received from all Courts locations island wide and shopcourts.com that meet all the requirements would be the winning entries. If the entries selected do not meet the requirements, twenty (20) additional entries will then be drawn and will be used in the order in which they were selected as the back-up entries.
  • The draw will be conducted at 3:00PM on September 1, 2020, at Unicomer Jamaica Ltd, 79 - 81A Slipe Road, Kingston 5. The accounts of the winning entries selected will be verified within 7 days after the draw date mentioned above.  Winners will then be contacted by phone once the verification is complete. A total of three calls will be made teach winner over a 2-day period.  



  • Prize is NOT transferable.
  • Promotion rules will be made accessible via any courts store island wide and on the website at www.shopcourts.com
  • Non-cash prizes are not redeemable for cash.       
  • The prize must be claimed within 14 days of notification.  
  • Employees of Unicomer Ja Ltd. and their immediate family members (i.e. parents, grandparents, children, brothers, sisters and non-estranged spouse) are not eligible to enter.
  •   Each qualifying purchase will award the customer with one entry for the draw. If the customer is selected as a winner, he/she may refuse upon notice. If the winner accepts prize, the item(s) purchased which resulted in the entry being qualifi­ed cannot be exchanged or returned for another brand. If the item was exchanged or returned for another brand, the winner will be disqualified. In the event that the account falls into a state of becoming repossessed, the winner will also be disqualifi­ed. A new winner will be selected from the list of back-ups, if the list of back-ups has been exhausted Unicomer will retain prize
  • A list of in-store qualifying customers will be logged and retained for accountability.
  • A list of Online qualifying customers will be logged and retained for accountability.
  • Online winners not residing in Jamaica must select a representative with a local address and a valid Jamaican Dollar bank account with a local (Jamaican) commercial financial institution to facilitate wire transfer payment and accept the prize on their behalf.  This should be done in the form of a notarized letter addressed to Unicomer (Jamaica) Limited.  If the winner refuses, then they have automatically forfeited their prize.  The prize winner must advise Unicomer Ja Ltd in writing within ten (10) calendar days after they have been advised of being selected as a winner.  All other rules and conditions would apply. 
  • The accounts of customers selected will be checked immediately after the draw to ensure that they are in good financial standing. In the event that they have been cancelled, refunded, or fall in arrears the customer will be disqualified. If the winner has multiple active accounts, then all their accounts must be in good financial standing order to be qualified for the prize.
  • The Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission reserves the right to be present at all promotional draws.
  • Any changes to the rules of the promotion will be made with prior approval from the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission.
  • By entering the competition and in order to claim the prize, the winner agrees to participate in the presentation handover on the date and time set by Unicomer Ja. Ltd. Unicomer Ja Ltd. has the right to use the winner(s) name and photograph or videograph for advertising and promotional purposes. If the winners refuse, then they have automatically forfeited their prize.
  • Winners must have a valid JMD bank account with a local (Jamaican) commercial financial institution to facilitate wire transfer payment. Winners will forfeit their prize if they do not have a valid bank account with a local (Jamaican) Commercial financial account.
  • Winners must show proof of identification using any national ID eg. Passport, drivers’ license, voter ID, before prize is issued. All unclaimed prizes will be retained by Unicomer JA Ltd.