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Split Air Conditioner/ 9000BTU

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Samsung 9000 BTU Split Air Condition Unit - Now you can get the perfect atmosphere in your home at a much lower cost. With the new Samsung air conditioner, you will achieve more efficient energy consumption, which will translate into well-being and lower bills. In addition, thanks to its filters and advanced functions, you can enjoy pure, healthy and fresh air.

Smart Inverter - Unlike non-inverter air conditioners, Samsung air conditioners with Smart Inverter technology maintain the ideal temperature without the need to constantly turn the compressor on and off. Save on energy, money and keep the balance you need with Smart Inverter.

Inimitable design in color and style - The sophisticated design of the new Samsung air conditioner is the perfect solution for a modern and elegant living room. Its white color will fit perfectly anywhere in your home. But not only for its beauty, but because it offers you fresher and cleaner air even with low consumption.

Good sleep-  Samsung's Good Sleep mode takes care of maintaining an optimal room temperature so you can get a good night's rest. With your health in mind, Good Sleep offers you ideal temperatures to fall asleep quickly, maintain a comfortable environment during sleep and wake up with an intense feeling of rest. Unlike the sleep setting of other products, Samsung's Good Sleep mode takes human sleep rhythms into account.

Filter Full HD 80 - The Full HD filter provides superior filtration, removing even microscopic dust particles and transforming polluted air into clean, healthy air. The high-density filter retains up to 80% of allergy-causing dust and bacteria on standby. In addition, its cleaning is very simple, all you need to do is remove the dirt under a stream of water. With the clean filter, you will always keep the air purified and fresh.

Self-cleaning - You may already know this, but your air conditioner can produce mold and germs. The difference between the temperature of the external and internal air, generates that the humidity inside the appliance equals the humidity of the bacteria. The solution for this is Samsung's Self-Cleaning feature, which automatically turns the fan on after the climate control has turned off, keeping equipment dry and odor-free, while preventing the spread of germs.

Dehumidifier - Samsung's new climate control should not allow for a humid and muggy environment. The Samsung air conditioner is the best choice to remove excess humidity from your environment. You will not need to empty a glass of water to check. Antibacterial coating Thanks to the unique antibacterial coating structure, this filter can collect tiny dust particles as well as germs that are imperceptible to the eye. It offers you complete protection against germs so you can breathe cleaner and fresher air.

Turbo Cooling - The new Samsung air conditioner runs at full speed in Turbo mode to quickly reach the desired temperature. Cool your room instantly with Samsung Turbo Cooling technology.

Air circulation in 3D - With Samsung's double louver system, air flows evenly throughout the room. The wider and longer double slats generate a flow of air in the room that allows you to cool or heat the room in less time. The airflow covers a 120º angle for total comfort and 2 blades send air towards the ground at a 90º angle. The air is distributed throughout the room with longer-range airflows, reaching up to 13 m, so you will always feel a comfortable temperature in any part of the room. Enjoy the new 3D air from Samsung!


More Information
Brand Samsung
Warranty 12 months
Colour White
Capacity (Btu) 9000
Type Split
Voltage / Frequency 220v / 50Hz
Silent mode Yes
Timer Yes
Remote control Yes
Automatic restart No
Sleep mode Yes
Turbo function Yes
Carbon function No
Other filters included No
Casters Yes
Inverter technology No
Energy efficiency ratio No
Internal unit width 32"
Internal unit depth 8"
Internal unit height 11"

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