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Stand Mixer/ 5 Quart/ Velvet Blue

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KitchenAid 4.8L Artisan Stand Mixer in Velvet Blue. 

Make Anything. 

The most versatile appliance in your kitchen. 

DOUGHN’T WORRY, BE HAPPY. The dough hook is perfect for kneading all kinds of dough. Use it for making pasta, pizza and bread.

WHISK AWAY. Grab the wire whisk when you need to incorporate air into your mixtures.

FLAT OUT THE BEST. The flat beater tackles heavier mixtures and gives you the right consistency for everything from mashed potatoes to frostings.

MORE BOWLS = MORE FUN. The 3L bowl is an extra bowl so you don’t need to keep washing up the one you have. Need two mixtures for your recipe? We’ve got you covered.

FLEXIBLE AROUND THE BOWL The flex edge beater is perfect for scraping every last bit of ingredients off the side of your bowl. Nothing will go to waste and your bowl will be easy to clean.

BE SHIELDED FROM THE MESS. The pouring shield is perfect for covering your bowl while you add ingredients. Mix in the flavour and avoid all the mess.

Do the twist. It’s never been easier to add ingredients into your mixture, thanks to the original planetary action of our stand mixer. Low-effort and high-quality results go hand in hand.

Built to last. Our stand mixers are built from the toughest materials and can take on any recipe you throw at (or in) them. What recipe will you challenge your stand mixer with?


More Information
Brand KitchenAid
Model 5KSM175PSEVB
Warranty 12 months
Colour Blue
Accessories Dough Hook, Beater, Whisk, 3L bowl, 4.8L Bowl, Flex Edge Beater, pouring Shield
Bowl finish Stainless Steel
Type Stand
Power (Watts) 300


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